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Garage Doings and Pitty Pains

The kids and I are up.  Not really awake mind, but up.  Stella did something to one of her back legs last night.  She had a bad limp.  She seems better this morning which makes me think that she popped one of her hips out.  It has been quite a while since she has done that.  So she will have to be less busy for the next few days.  She is back to sleeping out in the living room while the other two will come to bed.  Part of that is the heat.  Essie has taken to curling (or stretching out) between my legs with Moose in his usual spot of stretching out beside me.

The morning is overcast.  I know there is supposed to be rain off and on all week.  It will be comfortable at work.  I am also listening for the builders.  It seems they only show if we call and ask when they will be here.  They were here Friday.  I think they put the screens in the windows.  I know there is a bigger mess than before.  I think we have the “b” team.  There are ladders all over (literally there is one laying in our front yard that they forgot) and they defiantly do not clean up after they are done for the day.  There are half empty pop containers all over inside and propped on the garage walls.  It has been over a year since this process has begun.  It was only supposed to take a few months.  As a mater of fact it was supposed to be done before we went to Oklahoma last year.  I may have just heard a car door….

Chris has he week off.  I am glad.  He really needs this stay-cation.  I don’t have any meetings to cover this week so I can work and come home.  Oh goodie!  I just checked through the window and I do have guys here to work on the garage!  Joy!  I need to grab a gas can from the shed.  The battery for the mower got replaced but when I went to go mow the front I checked the gas and LO (and I do means low (lol)) there wasn’t enough to do much.  So I need to take care of that.

This isn’t what I had planned to write this morning.  And by the clock I need to get it together and get out the door for work.  Thanks for reading!  Have a great day!


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