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My Weird and Wacky World

Ahhhhh a day off!  It is chilly and a bit overcast but the weather is supposed to warm up.  I am also expecting the builders today to possibly finish the garage.  We shall see.  So far no one is here.  If no one is here by noon I will call to see what the problem is.  I didn’t get a lot of personal stuff done at work because it was pretty much non stop.  And that is ok.  It was nice to be doing something.  The two major things were one of the transporters got stuck (and I mean stuck; I stood in one of the holes and it was up to my knee) and the kids and I came back around 7pm to release a car for a couple.  I actually took all three.  Essie surprised me by wanting to go.  I think part of the reason she doesn’t want to go anymore is she is starting to have trouble getting in and out of the car.  More in because I usually have to help her.

I sent in photos to my employer asking if there was something that could be done to the yard a) because the ground is so soft damn near anything can get stuck in that area of the lot and b) the area where he was stuck was completely torn up trying to get him unstuck.  Here’s to hoping.  Dammit.  I just got a call from my diving instructor.  Hang on…  Yay!  He left a message!  I had a dream last night about doing my diving training.  Took me forever to get ready because I couldn’t find a place to change.  The first time (in my dream) I wore my swimsuit.  The second time I brought it with to change into.  Weird.

I think I may work on my interview today.  I need to try to finish my one review book as well and get going on that review.  I am trying to dole out my new review book.  As of right now I don’t have a due date on that one.  I need to get writing more.  I’m trying to figure out how to branch out more.  Not to mention use that to pull in more money.  I would rather work from home doing the writing like I am (I enjoy driving to the meetings then reporting them and such because it gets me out of the house but not into Traverse and it is only 15 minutes away).  Maybe I will take to Twitter and ask for ideas.  Most of my writing friends/acquaintances are on Twitter so that is a better platform to ask for help.  I suppose I ought to do the hashtag thing too.  I still don’t completely understand the whole thing with that.  Am I supposed to use it every time I  share something?  Only when I want certain people to see it?  I have no idea.

The sun looks like it is trying to come out.  I should probably get off of here and try to get some of my various projects done or atleast worked on.  I hope everyone has a great day!


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Diving Down and Rescuing a Hummingbird

Last night’s diving was a (mostly) success.  I think we got down to about 15-20 feet and were actually swimming around for a while before my ear gave me any trouble.  It felt like someone had hit me in the ear with a knuckle.  Not a bad sharp pain like the last dive.  So it is healing.  When they checked my ear out they didn’t see anything wrong.  We discussed options and I ended up getting some special ear plugs to try.  So if I go this weekend (it was strongly hinted at that I go by my instructor) it will be either Saturday at am or Sunday at noon.

When I got home last night I was really really sore.  A good sore but sore none the less.  The kids were happy because I was only gone three hours.  I didn’t even read in bed.  I tried nut my eyes wouldn’t stay open.  And wonder of wonders Stella (and Essie but she is usually pretty good, just lately has been fussy) was quiet the whole night until Chris got home.  So I actually slept.  For that I am extremely grateful.

I finished my online work for the scuba class and passed.  I even got a neat little certificate to print out.  I brought it with as I thought I would need it as well as my finished exam….. I’m back.  Had to rescue a hummingbird that had flown in the house.  He got in and realized he needed out but kept trying to get out the wrong side of the sliding glass door.  I finally ended up getting him to land on the edge of my Minion backpack to bring him to the right side of the door to go out.  It took a few tries because he thought I was taking him the wrong way to go out.  Poor guy.  Anyway we never did anything besides the diving.  So I’m not sure what tot make of that.

Nuts.  Saving the hummingbird took longer than I thought.  I need to get ready for work.  Cheers!


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You Can’t Change History

Everyone seems to be going to extremes.  Not many are willing to compromise.  It’s all or nothing.  Which can be a good thing in certain circumstances.  The things that come readily to mind for me right now is the defacing of our Civil War Memorials.  People protest that they want the monuments torn down, they spray paint or disfigure them somehow.  It is part of our history.  You cannot change that history nor should you.  Mistakes from our past are there to learn from.  Those people died fighting for what they believed in.  If the South had won the war what would’ve happened?  Would we be thinking any differently?  Would society be any different?  And what about any good that those people did?  Did you know them?  No?  Then who are you to lump them all together and call everyone listed on a war monument racist.  You don’t know.  You weren’t there.  You making that call makes you a racist too so you might want to turn that spray can on yourself.

I’m sorry for getting on my soap box.  It was something I saw in the news this morning.  People want everything right and they want it right now.  No one seems to try to see both sides of it.  No one is looking for a gradual process.  It’s all in your face.  That has a tendency to irritate and piss me off.  I am as intolerant of it as these people seem to be of whatever their current issue is.  It shows a lack of thinking and disrespect for everyone.


Meanwhile… I tried to get sleep last night but from 11pm-3am (that’s when Chris got home) Stella kept hearing things and barking.  If she didn’t then Essie did.  So I got maybe four hours of solid sleep.  At times it was hard to get back to sleep because my mind would start and then the anxieties would set in.

After this is done I will finish up my online stuff for scuba class.  I’m not sure if I am going to do any testing or not tonight nor how long I will be at it.  Atleast that will be done and out of my hair.  I don’t want to go tonight but I can’t keep backing out.  I keep trying to find an excuse not to go.  I need to see if Mom and I are hooking up at one point as well.  And remember to bring my mask so I can exchange it for a different one.

I am looking again for a third job.  I need the extra money because what I am making now with the two I have is not covering my share of the bills.  Soooo I am not sure what I am looking for.  Another part time gig that won’t interfere with the other two.  Ha ha ha.  Good luck!  Oh well, there’s got to be something out there.

I guess this kind of makes up yesterday’s lame but short post.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!



Trying… to…zzzzzz

Everyone stayed up way too late last night and is paying for it.  Ever have one of those nights where you just start talking… and talking… and talking?  That and Stella was very very restless.  I had to hold her like a baby to get her to stop being so busy.  Nothing else worked.  Geez am I tired.  I didn’t sleep well after the first few hours.

I did get everything done that I needed to.  I bit more actually.  I just have two more bits to read online and then the big exam to take, my site review got accepted and now I just have to figure out how to put a few attachments on and I am almost done with the first review book.  So that is good.

I am tempted to try to nap either before or at work.  I’m not very focused.  So I apologize for the abruptness of this post.  On the plus side it won’t take much to read.  Have a great day!

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Gardening Dos Make Gardening Don’ts the Next Day

Oh boy.  I guess I did a bit too much in the yard yesterday.  My back and shoulders are in some serious pain this morning.  I was working on one of my reviews and got frustrated.  So I decided to go and work in the yard to try to clear my head.  Three or four hours later I’m still pulling and trimming away out there.  The battery in the riding mower is dead and with all this rain the grass in most spots is almost up to my hips.  I need to borrow Mom’s weed whip soon (her lawn mower died as well).  Because the grass is so high and there has been so much rain Stella won’t go out to go potty.  Sooooo I cleared a good sized path from the side of the deck to the lilac bushes because there is plenty of open space once you get there.  Once that was done I worked a little on the gardens and yard beside the house.  I cleaned up around the yucca plants and in the gardens.  Not much was needed when I walked to check the front yard beyond a mow (we have mostly weeds in the front so it wasn’t as a big a deal as the back).  I did trim my rosebush.  Then I went back to the backyard and got about a third of the way thru the rock garden (it has a large boulder in the middle of it) before the fire ants began to bite, even beneath my clothes.

I made puppy treats and did the laundry (and shocker actually put it away).  I printed up pages I needed (my free trial of WordPerfect is over in the next day or so)  and word counts.  I read some of my review books and took notes.  But I didn’t get back to that site review.  Nor did I work on my scuba lessons online.  Sooooo that needs to be remedied today.  Nuts.  It is cool enough out that the furnace goes on with the door open.  Hang on…  It was bright and sunny when we got up.  I shut the door.  Hopefully it gets better.  I am not going to do much that requires physical labor today.  I don’t think.  lol

Today is Father’s Day here in the States.  I will text and email Dad this morning and maybe this afternoon ask if he wants to FaceTime.  He may not feel up to it.  may not be up so it.  I showered last night and I was hoping laying in the warm sun today would help.  Assuming it shows back up.

Essie sets up quite the whine and fuss when I leave her in the yard to work on the side gardens.  She digs at the gate and tries to push herself through it.  I took her out once with me and she was very good.  She stayed right by me.  But with the new construction that has happened I don’t want her wandering off to investigate.

Today is my awesome Mother-in-law’s birthday.  I will suggest a video chat to Chris when he gets up.  I don’t know if she is doing anything today with the rest of the family though.  I suppose I ought to get moving here.  Atleast do a lesson in scuba class before I turn this off and charge it.  Have a great day!  Cheers!


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Writing Forward

I am excited to announce that I finally got my new review book Ashes and Enthropy!  I have wanted to read this since it was released (even more so when I heard that This Is Horror named it Anthology of the Year).  I don’t want to say too much about it (fodder for my review don’t ya know) but so far I LOVE it!   The cover is an awesome H.P. Lovecraft style piece.  There were numerous cover choices (I think five different ones) and this is the one the editor picked for me.  Which is pretty damn awesome since Lovecraft is one of my favorite authors.

Today is shaping up to be an inside day.  I won’t call it a lazy day as there is plenty to do around here.  I need to buckle down and get some of my actually writing projects done.  I was hoping to get my copy of WordPerfect this payday but not gonna happen for awhile.  So I put it on my Amazon wishlist (that is a helpful tool so that I don’t lose things I find that I want or need as well as my family members have them so it helps make gift giving easier) and will have to revisit at a later date.

I ended up with three pieces in this weeks paper!  I was very excited!  I’m glad that they asked me to redo the opening paragraph.  It sounds better.  Reminds me… hang on a moment… I wrote a whole paragraph and then checked my dates realizing that I was a week off with them.  Sigh…  Oh well.  Atleast I caught it.

It is cold and raining. And supposed to remain so for the weekend.  Yesterday we have a few hours of sun before it turned back to cold and rain.  Somehow I don’t think we’ll be that lucky today.  But we’ll see what happens.  For whatever reason the forecast has been all over the place the past week.  What they suggest we may get is not what we get.

Well my coffee is gone and I need to get working on some of my writing projects.  Have a great day!  Cheers!

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Monster In My Closet

I started my morning in my closet.  Yep.  I realized that I had forgotten to lay out clothes last night before bed.  I got a lot done yesterday but only two things on my list I wrote down (that was mostly writing stuff and I did nothing off the writing list).  The kitchen is clean (counters wiped off, floor swept and scrubbed, rug shaken out), mouse cage is clean, living room floors are clean, ceiling fan is cleaned, dishes are swapped out… I even was able to talk to both my parents (even though Mom is upset with me because I am not putting the forward motion (finally) of garage construction on hold so that the birds who have made nests in the roof can raise their young before we evict them).  I’m mad at myself for not working on any writing.  I will take what I need to work to do some there but I think it will be another busy day at the lot.  There are a bunch of things that need to get done today.

I’m running behind today so I apologize for not being able to read anyone’s blogs before work.  I will try once I get home.  The sun is out and the furnace went on despite a low setting so it must have gotten nippy last night.  But today will hopefully be warm.  I will bring shorts and shoes to change out of incase that happens.

Despite doing well in her training Miss Stella had a potty accident.  I am frustrated because I got up twice to check on her and asked her both times if she needed to go outside.  I hope everyone has a great day!  I am out of time!  Cheers!

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Michigan and Me

I slept in a little.  But I actually went to bed on time.  It has been raining steadily for a while now.  Rain is supposed to fall through the weekend.  Water levels are already at a new highest mark in most of the areas.  Many docks are in trouble with the rising water.  I know that there are many places much worse than us.  But for us this is something new.  Living on a peninsula is like liking on a protected island.  Our upper peninsula is not even connected to anything like the lower peninsula is.  It’s just out there in the middle of the lakes.  I think Michigan is a cool state to live in despite all the BS with politics, finances (pay rates, insurance costs, cost of living etc) and road issues.  There is our history, our location, our seasons…. I could go on.

One of the cool things I get to do being from Michigan is that I always have a map handy (pardon the pun, sort of).  If you look at the palm of your right hand you are looking at a map of Michigan.  Put the palm of your left hand thumb pointing up, long side of your hand down and place that over the top of your right hand.  You now have a complete map of Michigan.  I live just below the pinky tip of your right hand.


I have always loved Michigan history.  Be it heard from my family and friends (I was the weird little kid that was always allowed to sit with the adults into the wee hours because I would be quiet and just listen to the stories) or school and museums (Dad got a yearly pass for he and I at Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum when I was a kid; it didn’t matter if he couldn’t afford it every year that pass was a priority for him for me).  My grandparents (my Mom’s parents) had a place up in Cheboygan when I was little.  We would come up during the summer once in a while.  If I was lucky we would make a trip to Mackinaw Island.  This has a fort and the Grand Hotel and…. the history there is amazing!

I grew up in the Detroit area.  Another history mecca.  The stories I have listened to from people who were there during it’s heyday… Meeting the music makers and shakers, helping to make that history, living it.  And I spent a lot of my childhood in Ann Arbor as well.  Another awesome historical place (and yes I am extremely biased when it comes to colleges… Go Blue!) that continues to make history.  My state might be relatively new (182 years) but we are no less rich in our history for it.

Thank you reading my history lesson.  I didn’t go into great detail about things as I would go on a lot longer than you wanted to read.  I do hope that I have given you some highlights and maybe even something to look up to get more information on.  As always if you have any questions or comments please feel free to share!


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A Thumbnail

You have another short post today.  I have been a bust little bee!  I got my articles in before I left for the meeting but I had some revisions to do once I got home.  The meeting itself was one of the livelier ones since we had the K-9 unit stop in.  Bricko is awesome!  (That is the dog by the by.)  He is very much like Stella.  He is only 22 months old but very smart.  He and his handler make a great team.  He handled things well when Bricko acted like the puppy he actually was.  Bricko’s fave toy was a ball that was on a rope of sorts.  Of course I was asked if I wanted to meet him and I said (DUH!) yes.  We played a bit of tug of war (I surprised everyone because for as small as I am I could play tug of war and not get pulled over, I tried to explain my kids have the same love for that game) and I gave a love of love.  Good times!  After the meeting I slide over to my diving instructor’s work to set things up for my continued education.  Sigh.  So much for letting it go.  Anyway we are meeting next Tuesday at the shop to continue.  He thinks I just need two more classes and I’ll be good.  I think he is being optimistic.  Lol.  I buzzed back here to touch up the one article but I had to ask Mom if she minded if I stayed home as there was so much to do with my writing.  She had no problem.  Whew!

This morning I got up at 6am and did my article for yesterday’s meeting.  I asked if we could do or had done an article on Bricko and his handler.  I thought I’d seen something but I thought they were worth a full piece instead of a mere mention.  We’ll see what they say.  Ok.  I’m looking at the clock and I need to get it in gear for work.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!

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Writers Write, Right?

This morning I’ve written two articles and gotten them sent on their way.  Yesterday I also touched base with an author I am interviewing giving him some preliminary questions and I am almost 3/4 of the way through my first review book.  I also found out that another book I asked to review in on the way.  I should get it Saturday but I am hoping that the post office will surprise me and I’ll get it sooner.  I managed to squeeze in a shower before bed too.

The meeting I covered last night was short.  I spent more time on the road than I did at the meeting. Lol.  I am covering another meeting this morning with a stop to talk with my diving instructor and a possible run into Traverse.  I may put that off.  Although I do have a fan that I promised Mom…  I filled up yesterday so I’m ok there.  Once I get home I will crank out the article and let it set overnight.  I’ll get up at 6am again tomorrow to get the article edited and sent out.  Then off to work.

I also need to pull together the info for both the interview and book review.  I can start hashing things out with the notes I have thus far.  Even with all this going on it is still hard for me to consider myself a real writer.  I still feel odd when someone asks me if I’m a writer and I say yes.  It has been so long in the making.  Maybe once I publish my fiction it will feel different.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that I need to get it together and get ready to head out for the meeting.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!