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Falling Down and Getting Up

Do you ever get mad with yourself because you do something that you know you shouldn’t but do it anyway?  The consequences could’ve been worse.  As it was I slept the whole day away.  Which I supposed I did need but still.  What did I do, you ask.  I didn’t pay attention to how much beer I was drinking while I was yapping on the phone to a friend.  So when I hung up it hit me all at once.  So I laid down.  That was around 2 or 3 in the afternoon.   I didn’t really get up but to go to the bathroom.  We got up at our usual 7am this morning.  Essie has been my constant shadow this morning.  When I woke up Moose was stretched out beside me and Essie was sleeping between my legs.

I did get a lot done yesterday though.  I pulled my interview together and got ok’d on the first draft.  I also pulled together the paperwork that Dad needs.  We also got some training done in the morning.  And I did have good talks with Mom and my friend.  So there is that.

So what does today hold for me?  We’ll see.  I need to get reading on the second review book.  This one story is good but the author chose to use big words and a lot of them to make a point within the story.  I understand that but it makes the reading hard going.  I am almost done with it.  I should also try a few lines on the first book review.  I have it started but I’ve never reviewed a story collection before.  It’s different to try to write about.  Instead of just one story to tell there are many.  But instead of talking about it I had better get to doing it.  Thanks for listening!  Have a great day!

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