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Notable Things, Like Certifying in a Cemetery

The morning has dawned foggy with a little chill in the air.  Today is the start of the National Cherry Fest in Traverse City.  With a bit of luck I will miss most of it.  I know that I will be there atleast one day because we want to go spend some time together out of the house.  I’m not driving so I am ok (mostly) with that.

I was able to sleep in today.  Moose was behind/draped over me and Essie was curled up in the crook of my legs.  Stella was towards the top crowding her Daddy. But she was in a small ball.  Everyone is back inside and asleep.  I am still yawning myself.

Today I need to get atleast my interview done and submitted.  So I may bail on helping a friend move.  Chris said he would go regardless.  When I agreed to help move him I did not realize that cleaning would be involved.  I don’t mind schlepping things from one place to another but it sounds like this is more of a cleaning party.  I am not up for that.  Even for free pizza and beer.  Although I am tempted to be honest.  It is something to get me out of the house and in a new environment.  So I may still go.  The plan was to get the front lawn mowed while Chris was gone due to his bad allergies.  Otherwise he will be here when I mow (he works in Traverse and took the week of Cherry Fest off smart guy that he is).  I will need gas for both the mower and my car.  I should also see if I have enough to do the notary thing.  I still don’t have the money from Dad but I might have enough to do it on my own right now.  I know he needs it asap.  That would need to be done well before noon as I would have to got to the post office for a notary and to send it.  Nuts.  I don’t know what postage will be.  I want to get it to him fast but I am worried about cost.  This is so he can renew his permeant citizenship status in Canada.  Bless him he waited until the last minute so I am rushing around.  Well there it is.

Ok, I kid you not.  I did a Google search for notaries where I live.  One was the UPS Store.  The other?  The local cemetery.  Whaaaat?!  Do I just knock on a random gravestone and hope for the best?!  Or is there a special section or grave I go to?  What are their hours?  Do I leave it overnight and pick it up in the morning?  What is the payment?  I could probably pull together a story from this.  Hmmm.  As a matter of fact my imagination is already going with it.  The rest of this may be garbled.  lol

I should probably get on with things.  I have a lot to do this weekend behind the keyboard.  If I start now all will be quiet and I will be (mostly) uninterrupted.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!

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