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Feeling a Bit Like Alice Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

Everything feels off this morning.  Including us.  Essie started at 5am.  I got up and opened the sliding door to the backyard and left it open.  I went back to bed.  I would sleep in bursts.  Maybe 30 minutes, maybe and hour.  Essie was constantly trying to get me up.  Stella came back to be around 6:30am.  Moose was glued to me all night.  The next time I looked at the clock (after asking for more sleep from Essie about 3 times) it is 8:30am.  I thank the dogs quietly (Chris is still asleep) and get up.  All three dogs immediately go outside and stay there.  I mostly had breakfast made when Stella came in.  Essie wasn’t particularly interested but finally ate.  I had gotten my laptop and such all set up when Moose finally came back inside.  I brought him his breakfast and like Essie he wasn’t very interested in it but he ate.  Stella kept trying to get in my lap as I was doing this and finally just laid down next to me on the floor.    She has just gone outside and laid down in the sun.  I have Essie behind me on the loveseat and Moose has laid down by me on the floor.  By now he normally has moved to higher ground like the couch or his mancave.

I feel out of touch with everything.  I don’t know what to make of things.  It doesn’t feel real.  Lack of sleep?  Doing too much?  No down time?  Maybe.  Not sure.  I have the day off and plan to try to relax.  I may go and get a battery for the lawn mower.  Or I may wait til after Chris gets up.  Chris suggested that I take the kids for a ride but it is already getting too hot to do that.  So if that is the case then I would be happier if he was awake and home before I go.

Garage update: the boards around the cement were removed.  End update.  Sad isn’t it?  Mom is hitting the roof.  (As in angry lol, sorry about the pun.)

Today I really don’t want to do anything.  I just want to stay home to read and write.  We need to do our training today.  It has been almost three days now.  The kids have still done well but I want to try to keep going with that.  I don’t know how much will happen if Essie and Moose are not up for the hot dogs I use for training.  It might just be a Stella thing then.  We’ll see.  It is already 74F out.  Our high is supposed to be almost 90F.  I think I will be one of the few people that will enjoy the day today.  Well those that are at the beach will.

I hope I don’t have to go into Traverse for anything this weekend or next week.  Idiot season starts (or Fudgy season (because the tourists love our world famous fudge and buy tons of it).  The National Cherry Festival begins tomorrow and goes through next Saturday.  You do NOT want to have to be anywhere near Traverse.  Driving beside any body of water (and we have a LOT up here) is a game of patience and avoid the idiot.  They are all over the road (not in the slow lane or gosh pull over) trying to drive and look at the water.  It is very frustrating.  So gas and food prices will go up for the next week or so.  Most locals dread this week.

Goodness… I have been going on.  Sorry about that.  I will hold off more words for now.  Thanks for reading.  I hope you have a great day!


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