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No Rest For the Wicked

I am whooped.  I got my article written and sent out.  When I left yesterday morning it was around 10am for work.  I got home around 5pm.  I had to feed the kids, load up some bottles and cans in the car (here we get 10 cents for every one we return, that comes in handy when you are short money before payday) for gas then head back out the door to cover a meeting (I left at 6pm to make sure I had time to return the bottles and cans and put a few gallons of gas in the car) at 7pm.  The meeting lasted til around 8:30pm or so.  That got me home around ten minutes to nine.  I did my best to play with the kids the hour I was home between jobs.  I guess it worked because I had no accidents when I got home.  Yay!  Sadly big storms hit just as we were going to sleep.  EVERYONE was freaked out last night.  I stopped looking at the clock after 11:45pm.

For those wondering what I did those seven hours of work I drove.  A lot.  I did my first stint helping to repo cars.  He needed someone to drive one of the vehicles back and I needed the hours.  The fun part is driving cars I otherwise would not have access to.  The downside is getting the cars from the people.  You feel a bit like an undercover detective driving around trying to find the various vehicles.  It was an interesting experience all in all.  I almost got to ride a repoed motorcycle but it was a huge bagger (essentially a big engine Harley with saddle bags) and I didn’t feel comfortable trying to ride something that big.  So I bowed out.  I’m also a bit anxious about the possibility of riding someone else’s bike (nevermind my own) sooooo future adventured may await!  lol

They are supposed to finish our garage today.  I am not holding my breath.  We had that promise last Thursday and they never showed.  Didn’t call either.  I left around five messages over the course of a few days before he finally answered the phone.  And that was Monday.  So we will see.  With the short hours they work I don’t see it happening with what still needs to be done.  I need to leave work on time today because I want to be here before they leave to make sure they are doing things right.  Unless things are done correctly and the way I want them no money.  It has been almost a year now for a garage that was supposed to be done in a few months (last fall if any of you remember).

So far no seizures for Stella after that one the other day.  Atleast none that I have been present for.  The kids are all back asleep and making their various sleep sounds.  Stella sounds like a human sometimes with the sounds she makes.  Ok, by the clock I need to get moving here.  I will try to read more of your blogs when I get home since I am short on time.  Cheers!


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