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A Calm, If Not Too Early, Morning

For whatever reason the girls were up early.  Stella came to bed around 6:30am and a few minutes later (because I moved to make room for Stella) Essie assumed we were getting up so she got up and tried to get by Moose to get to me.  No one moved so she laid down where she was (pushing Chris over).  Stella thought that things were moving too much so a few minutes later she gets back down and comes back out to the living room.  Essie now gets back up to claim the spot where Stella was and drapes over my legs.  So I guess we are getting up.

It started clouding up around 6 or 6:30pm last night.  We got rain sneezes but not anything significant til after dark.  I think it has been going pretty steady ever since.  It is chillier than the 80F+ that we had yesterday but that is ok.  The weekend was beautiful.  This will cool things off.

I need to makes sure I am out the door a few minutes early because I have people coming to look at the damage to the lot and see about repairing it.  They are slotted to be there from 8am til 11am.  So I need to get my stuff done before they get there.  I have gotten everything packed so all I need to do is get dressed, refill my coffee and water and take care of the kids.

I didn’t do much of anything yesterday.  We spent most of the time outside and I read.  We did our training early on.  The only bad thing that happened yesterday was I thing Stella had a mini seizure.  I remember them from when Minion was alive.  I was hoping not to see anything for a few years.  Minion was gone within a year or so after the first symptoms.  I hope Stella has more time.

Everyone is back asleep.  This morning is a good one for that.  There is a quiet breeze coming in through the door (I’ve got is open wide enough for them to get in and out) that is cooling things nicely.  I could stretch out and snooze myself.  But no can do.  I will leave you with pictures of snoozing pups.  Have a great day!


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