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Worries and Fun Stuff

I find myself worrying more and more about Essie.  She doesn’t seem as carefree as she once did.  I’m not sure if it’s just that she’s getting older (she will be 9 years old on July 3rd) or if she hurts (she is starting to have problems getting up and down on things like the bed or in and out of the car).  Yes she and the others are on supplements for hips and joints.  She has problems getting up and walking some days after laying down.


Little stinker.  As I was typing that she came bebopping in and gave me kisses with a big Pitty smile on her face.  I gave her her frisbee.  She wants to play “tea kettle” but she has to wait until Daddy gets up.  (“Tea kettle” is something I played with her big brother Max long before she ever arrived.  I have no idea how she found out about it unless Max told her about it.  (Yes, Max was one of our many dogs.)  With the game I will click the small lid of the tea kettle at her and she will bark and attack it then rush off to find a toy to shake the shit out of (it’s that violent) while she barks and does circles and attacks the kettle some more.)  But every time I go into the kitchen she follows and looks hopefully at the stove top when her kettle sits.

The kids are now rotating being out in the sun.  Essie is behind me on the love seat and the other two are outside in the sun.  Before they were in with me and Essie was outside.  It was supposed to be overcast with thunderstorms.  Hmmmmm.  I beg to differ.  I don’t see a cloud out there.  Oh!  I stand corrected!  Moose is in here as well.  He just stretched and he is on the floor mostly in front of the table I am sitting at.  I never saw him come in.

I have one more short story to read in the first review book then I can get going on the review.  I’m not sure what to do with my interview as I thought I put it together and then sent it in.  I may just have to send them my questions with the response and they put it together.  That would be handy.  But we shall see.  I  am looking forward to getting this stuff ready to go.  I seem to be able to spend a month or so on a project (small one) before I will get bored with it.  Some times I’m ok.  But if I don’t get through a book in a month I’m not going to finish reading it any time soon.  Usually I can crank through on in a week or so (say about 400 pages).  Some of my mysteries I have devoured in a day (about 230-300 pages).  Normally I have two books going at one time.  That way if I don’t feel like reading one I have something else to fall back on.

The kids are insisting that I stop doing this and go outside with them.  Stella has wandered in and sat in my lap.  Soooo I guess I’d better!  Have a great day!



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