A Little (very little) Solstice Blog

Blessed Solstice!  Today is the Summer Solstice or Beltane for those of who follow the Pagan path.  Sadly the days will start getting shorter after today.  (I always wondered if those living in the southern hemisphere switched the holidays and celebrate Yule since this is really their winter.)  But here it is supposed to be a beautiful day (although it is starting a bit chilly).  I have packed shorts for work.

I am running out to Mom’s after work today.  She is helping me out and I need to drop some stuff off for her.  So I will be home well after Chris has left for work.  I think he is leaving early to pick up some groceries as well (he may be stopping on the way home).  At any rate I won’t see him until tomorrow.  I had a grand scheme to write about the Solstice this morning but I managed to wake up late (despite my alarm) and so I’m running way behind.  If I think of it once I get home I will write another blog about the Solstice.

I hope everyone has a blessed first day of summer!  Sorry this is so short!  Cheers!

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