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Ahhhhh a day off!  It is chilly and a bit overcast but the weather is supposed to warm up.  I am also expecting the builders today to possibly finish the garage.  We shall see.  So far no one is here.  If no one is here by noon I will call to see what the problem is.  I didn’t get a lot of personal stuff done at work because it was pretty much non stop.  And that is ok.  It was nice to be doing something.  The two major things were one of the transporters got stuck (and I mean stuck; I stood in one of the holes and it was up to my knee) and the kids and I came back around 7pm to release a car for a couple.  I actually took all three.  Essie surprised me by wanting to go.  I think part of the reason she doesn’t want to go anymore is she is starting to have trouble getting in and out of the car.  More in because I usually have to help her.

I sent in photos to my employer asking if there was something that could be done to the yard a) because the ground is so soft damn near anything can get stuck in that area of the lot and b) the area where he was stuck was completely torn up trying to get him unstuck.  Here’s to hoping.  Dammit.  I just got a call from my diving instructor.  Hang on…  Yay!  He left a message!  I had a dream last night about doing my diving training.  Took me forever to get ready because I couldn’t find a place to change.  The first time (in my dream) I wore my swimsuit.  The second time I brought it with to change into.  Weird.

I think I may work on my interview today.  I need to try to finish my one review book as well and get going on that review.  I am trying to dole out my new review book.  As of right now I don’t have a due date on that one.  I need to get writing more.  I’m trying to figure out how to branch out more.  Not to mention use that to pull in more money.  I would rather work from home doing the writing like I am (I enjoy driving to the meetings then reporting them and such because it gets me out of the house but not into Traverse and it is only 15 minutes away).  Maybe I will take to Twitter and ask for ideas.  Most of my writing friends/acquaintances are on Twitter so that is a better platform to ask for help.  I suppose I ought to do the hashtag thing too.  I still don’t completely understand the whole thing with that.  Am I supposed to use it every time I  share something?  Only when I want certain people to see it?  I have no idea.

The sun looks like it is trying to come out.  I should probably get off of here and try to get some of my various projects done or atleast worked on.  I hope everyone has a great day!


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