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Diving Down and Rescuing a Hummingbird

Last night’s diving was a (mostly) success.  I think we got down to about 15-20 feet and were actually swimming around for a while before my ear gave me any trouble.  It felt like someone had hit me in the ear with a knuckle.  Not a bad sharp pain like the last dive.  So it is healing.  When they checked my ear out they didn’t see anything wrong.  We discussed options and I ended up getting some special ear plugs to try.  So if I go this weekend (it was strongly hinted at that I go by my instructor) it will be either Saturday at am or Sunday at noon.

When I got home last night I was really really sore.  A good sore but sore none the less.  The kids were happy because I was only gone three hours.  I didn’t even read in bed.  I tried nut my eyes wouldn’t stay open.  And wonder of wonders Stella (and Essie but she is usually pretty good, just lately has been fussy) was quiet the whole night until Chris got home.  So I actually slept.  For that I am extremely grateful.

I finished my online work for the scuba class and passed.  I even got a neat little certificate to print out.  I brought it with as I thought I would need it as well as my finished exam….. I’m back.  Had to rescue a hummingbird that had flown in the house.  He got in and realized he needed out but kept trying to get out the wrong side of the sliding glass door.  I finally ended up getting him to land on the edge of my Minion backpack to bring him to the right side of the door to go out.  It took a few tries because he thought I was taking him the wrong way to go out.  Poor guy.  Anyway we never did anything besides the diving.  So I’m not sure what tot make of that.

Nuts.  Saving the hummingbird took longer than I thought.  I need to get ready for work.  Cheers!


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