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You Can’t Change History

Everyone seems to be going to extremes.  Not many are willing to compromise.  It’s all or nothing.  Which can be a good thing in certain circumstances.  The things that come readily to mind for me right now is the defacing of our Civil War Memorials.  People protest that they want the monuments torn down, they spray paint or disfigure them somehow.  It is part of our history.  You cannot change that history nor should you.  Mistakes from our past are there to learn from.  Those people died fighting for what they believed in.  If the South had won the war what would’ve happened?  Would we be thinking any differently?  Would society be any different?  And what about any good that those people did?  Did you know them?  No?  Then who are you to lump them all together and call everyone listed on a war monument racist.  You don’t know.  You weren’t there.  You making that call makes you a racist too so you might want to turn that spray can on yourself.

I’m sorry for getting on my soap box.  It was something I saw in the news this morning.  People want everything right and they want it right now.  No one seems to try to see both sides of it.  No one is looking for a gradual process.  It’s all in your face.  That has a tendency to irritate and piss me off.  I am as intolerant of it as these people seem to be of whatever their current issue is.  It shows a lack of thinking and disrespect for everyone.


Meanwhile… I tried to get sleep last night but from 11pm-3am (that’s when Chris got home) Stella kept hearing things and barking.  If she didn’t then Essie did.  So I got maybe four hours of solid sleep.  At times it was hard to get back to sleep because my mind would start and then the anxieties would set in.

After this is done I will finish up my online stuff for scuba class.  I’m not sure if I am going to do any testing or not tonight nor how long I will be at it.  Atleast that will be done and out of my hair.  I don’t want to go tonight but I can’t keep backing out.  I keep trying to find an excuse not to go.  I need to see if Mom and I are hooking up at one point as well.  And remember to bring my mask so I can exchange it for a different one.

I am looking again for a third job.  I need the extra money because what I am making now with the two I have is not covering my share of the bills.  Soooo I am not sure what I am looking for.  Another part time gig that won’t interfere with the other two.  Ha ha ha.  Good luck!  Oh well, there’s got to be something out there.

I guess this kind of makes up yesterday’s lame but short post.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!


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