Trying… to…zzzzzz

Everyone stayed up way too late last night and is paying for it.  Ever have one of those nights where you just start talking… and talking… and talking?  That and Stella was very very restless.  I had to hold her like a baby to get her to stop being so busy.  Nothing else worked.  Geez am I tired.  I didn’t sleep well after the first few hours.

I did get everything done that I needed to.  I bit more actually.  I just have two more bits to read online and then the big exam to take, my site review got accepted and now I just have to figure out how to put a few attachments on and I am almost done with the first review book.  So that is good.

I am tempted to try to nap either before or at work.  I’m not very focused.  So I apologize for the abruptness of this post.  On the plus side it won’t take much to read.  Have a great day!

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