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Gardening Dos Make Gardening Don’ts the Next Day

Oh boy.  I guess I did a bit too much in the yard yesterday.  My back and shoulders are in some serious pain this morning.  I was working on one of my reviews and got frustrated.  So I decided to go and work in the yard to try to clear my head.  Three or four hours later I’m still pulling and trimming away out there.  The battery in the riding mower is dead and with all this rain the grass in most spots is almost up to my hips.  I need to borrow Mom’s weed whip soon (her lawn mower died as well).  Because the grass is so high and there has been so much rain Stella won’t go out to go potty.  Sooooo I cleared a good sized path from the side of the deck to the lilac bushes because there is plenty of open space once you get there.  Once that was done I worked a little on the gardens and yard beside the house.  I cleaned up around the yucca plants and in the gardens.  Not much was needed when I walked to check the front yard beyond a mow (we have mostly weeds in the front so it wasn’t as a big a deal as the back).  I did trim my rosebush.  Then I went back to the backyard and got about a third of the way thru the rock garden (it has a large boulder in the middle of it) before the fire ants began to bite, even beneath my clothes.

I made puppy treats and did the laundry (and shocker actually put it away).  I printed up pages I needed (my free trial of WordPerfect is over in the next day or so)  and word counts.  I read some of my review books and took notes.  But I didn’t get back to that site review.  Nor did I work on my scuba lessons online.  Sooooo that needs to be remedied today.  Nuts.  It is cool enough out that the furnace goes on with the door open.  Hang on…  It was bright and sunny when we got up.  I shut the door.  Hopefully it gets better.  I am not going to do much that requires physical labor today.  I don’t think.  lol

Today is Father’s Day here in the States.  I will text and email Dad this morning and maybe this afternoon ask if he wants to FaceTime.  He may not feel up to it.  may not be up so it.  I showered last night and I was hoping laying in the warm sun today would help.  Assuming it shows back up.

Essie sets up quite the whine and fuss when I leave her in the yard to work on the side gardens.  She digs at the gate and tries to push herself through it.  I took her out once with me and she was very good.  She stayed right by me.  But with the new construction that has happened I don’t want her wandering off to investigate.

Today is my awesome Mother-in-law’s birthday.  I will suggest a video chat to Chris when he gets up.  I don’t know if she is doing anything today with the rest of the family though.  I suppose I ought to get moving here.  Atleast do a lesson in scuba class before I turn this off and charge it.  Have a great day!  Cheers!


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