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Michigan and Me

I slept in a little.  But I actually went to bed on time.  It has been raining steadily for a while now.  Rain is supposed to fall through the weekend.  Water levels are already at a new highest mark in most of the areas.  Many docks are in trouble with the rising water.  I know that there are many places much worse than us.  But for us this is something new.  Living on a peninsula is like liking on a protected island.  Our upper peninsula is not even connected to anything like the lower peninsula is.  It’s just out there in the middle of the lakes.  I think Michigan is a cool state to live in despite all the BS with politics, finances (pay rates, insurance costs, cost of living etc) and road issues.  There is our history, our location, our seasons…. I could go on.

One of the cool things I get to do being from Michigan is that I always have a map handy (pardon the pun, sort of).  If you look at the palm of your right hand you are looking at a map of Michigan.  Put the palm of your left hand thumb pointing up, long side of your hand down and place that over the top of your right hand.  You now have a complete map of Michigan.  I live just below the pinky tip of your right hand.


I have always loved Michigan history.  Be it heard from my family and friends (I was the weird little kid that was always allowed to sit with the adults into the wee hours because I would be quiet and just listen to the stories) or school and museums (Dad got a yearly pass for he and I at Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum when I was a kid; it didn’t matter if he couldn’t afford it every year that pass was a priority for him for me).  My grandparents (my Mom’s parents) had a place up in Cheboygan when I was little.  We would come up during the summer once in a while.  If I was lucky we would make a trip to Mackinaw Island.  This has a fort and the Grand Hotel and…. the history there is amazing!

I grew up in the Detroit area.  Another history mecca.  The stories I have listened to from people who were there during it’s heyday… Meeting the music makers and shakers, helping to make that history, living it.  And I spent a lot of my childhood in Ann Arbor as well.  Another awesome historical place (and yes I am extremely biased when it comes to colleges… Go Blue!) that continues to make history.  My state might be relatively new (182 years) but we are no less rich in our history for it.

Thank you reading my history lesson.  I didn’t go into great detail about things as I would go on a lot longer than you wanted to read.  I do hope that I have given you some highlights and maybe even something to look up to get more information on.  As always if you have any questions or comments please feel free to share!


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