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Swimming For Shore

I feel so behind with my writing.  I literally put everything on hold this week to leave to dive.  Now I’m in a panic because I feel like I am not being a writer.  Nevermind that I’ve been doing this and I have been working in my chosen field (reading my review book and researching an article) I feel like I will be rushing around tomorrow to make ends meet.  I am fighting hard not to freak out.  My daily routine has been vastly disrupted and it has thrown me off balance.

Truthfully I feel like a nut job some days because of how things make me feel.  Things that shouldn’t matter suddenly do and in a big way.  No rhyme or reason for it.  Things that made me happy in the past don’t.  It’s off the wall.  And very frustrating.

I need to get back into my groove again.  I’m glad I kept doing this as my week progressed.  It was the one constant of my writing I did.  I feel more like me when I write.  I started my Twitter account and I think this is the only writing I’ve had on it.  After proclaiming myself “an up and coming writer” I’ve not really tweeted about writing.  (I do have to say that Twitter is very good for me keeping up with my various races since I have no way to watch them anymore.)

I have an interview that I need to get my questions ready for tomorrow as well as an article to write for the paper.  I am cruising through the short story collection so I will need to get that review going soon.  And oh nuts!  I almost forgot (speaking of getting back in the groove) I have two meetings I am covering this coming week.  I need to keep reminding myself.  Monday night and Tuesday morning.  And the other article needs to be in by Monday sometime.

It looks like it might rain later.  It is defiantly cloudier than yesterday and a bit cooler.  That is ok.  We can use the break.  Rain would be nice too.  I keep forgetting those poor trees I transplanted.  Flip side of that is I need to mow in a bad way (I can lose the girls in the grass, I mean completely lose them because it’s so tall) and that will just get worse with rain.  I may putter in the garden this afternoon.  Work on writing this morning and then drift outside with the kids for a while.

Whelp I need to get at it.  Have an awesome day!



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