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The Second Day of Class or the Sausage Turtle Queen

Well this morning I was awakened by a shivering Pitty.  There was the soft rumble of thunder which apparently meant that the world was coming to get her.  So here I am typing with Essie on one side of me and Moose on the other.  Stella remains carefree snoozing on the couch.  Oh well.  More time to recount the day’s adventures.

Sooooo I got to class early as requested to get fitted for a dive suit (wet suit is the proper term incase you were wondering).  After trying to put the thing on backwards (no one told me that the zipper goes in back!) I wedged myself into a 7/8 suit.  Probably the most uncomfortable thing I have ever worn.  I peel myself out (picture a banana) and put it in my very own labelled bin.  I then try on gloves, booties and a hood (to keep the sausage from popping out no doubt).  My instructor is satisfied with the fit so into the bin they go and I wander the store as the others go through their little piece of hell.  I also pick out a tee and a Dive Training magazine (there are sharks on the cover).  Since everyone is occupied either filling tanks or getting gear I wander the store looking at all the goodies divers may need.  So many gadgets and do dahs that may one day save your life (or atleast make it easier).  Once someone is freed up (staff member that is) I but said tee and I happily find out that the magazine is free.  As a matter of fact Wreck Diving magazine is the only one they sell.  So any copy I see of Dive Training I am allowed to just take home.   I brought home seven.  And yes, I believe it was one of each issue they had available.

Once everyone has been fitted we meet for a quick debriefing before setting out for the lake.  There is a night dive that will be going on at the same time we are there so we needed to be careful of what we did and stay with our group.  We got basic directions and told what to tell Google maps.  Grab your bin and air tank (I got a small air tank thankfully) and lets roll!

Let me just say that Google maps in a royal pain.  It sent me to a park up the way from where we were supposed to be.  After sitting and not seeing anyone I went back down along the water and finally found them.  I get parked and (since I was the last one there) we go through our tank and equipment set up.  It all makes perfect sense.  Until I have to do it.  How does this fit in?  Damn it.  Am I putting this on the right side?  This strap won’t get any tighter…  Giving up I just go get my instructor.  I did about half and half right and wrong.  My enthusiasm was waning.  Now for the sausage casing.  Grateful that I was not the only one struggling to get into the damn suit I get it on and have someone zip me up.  I tried (there is a long bit of fabric attached just for that purpose) but naturally mine was stuck on something.   Then I fought with the legs to get those situated properly so I could zip them, booties (oh look!  those zip too… and barely because of the suit beneath them) and last the hood.  I was having problems because I don’t like things around my neck and the suit fits tight enough that I felt like someone was choking me.

Next was to get the tanks on.  And of course I needed help with that because I didn’t do it right.  Once I got the my tank on it almost slid out and I almost pooped my suit.  Fine.  Got that fixed.  Time to waddle to the water.  And I am here to tell you THAT EQUIPMENT IS HEAVY!!!!  I hoped the water would help.  Marginally.   I say that because I was still light enough that when the waves would come through (which seemed to be fairly often) I would start to lose my balance.  Backwards.  And if I did I had a hell of a time rolling even to my side.  I felt like a turtle.  A sausage turtle.

I hate to end it here but I need to get to work.  I will do the second half when I get home from work.  Cheers!

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