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Dragon Training and Other Things

Well there was to be had on my last day of freedom!  I had a good chat with Mom and the husband and I took his bike to the store for groceries.  Then Chris decided that we were going to watch the new “How to Train Your Dragon” movie.  Everyone really enjoyed the movie (I even brought Sapphire out of my off so she could watch).  The kids were especially funny to watch.  I caught them watching the movie a few times but Stella finally fell asleep upside down.

My reading is caught up on all my fronts I think…. I may need one more online.  I will need to check after I am done with this.  If I need one more then it will have to wait until I get home.  I’m not looking forward to cramming my day into two hours.  I decided I would give the kids bones before I left for class.  I should have everything ready to go.  I was good at not panicking but I can feel my shell starting to crack.

The day has dawned chilly but with lots of sunshine.  I think later this week I will start packing shorts and tennis shoes for work for when the day warms up.  Everyone seems really pleased that I am working this week and not taking it off.  I hope I will be.  I know I will be when my paycheck hits but we’ll see if I bit off more than I can chew with classes added.

I took a few fun shots of Sapphire watching the movie and the kids as well.  I hope they bring smiles.  Have a great day!


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