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To Sum Up….

Mom’s surgery went well.  Only problem we had was the fact that they were running behind.  Her appointment was for 1:45pm (which also meant no food or water after midnight the night before as well as not taking her meds) but she didn’t go in until almost 3pm.  So nothing to eat or drink until 4:30pm when we finally got to her place.  I stayed for a little bit to chat and eat then headed home.  Took me over an hour to get home!  So my poor pups who normally would’ve eaten at 4pm didn’t eat until almost 7pm last night.  Mom and I were both wiped out by the time we were done.  BUT I still managed to write most of my review for the Master Class (30 more words to go) and had a two hour FaceTime session with Dad.  Go me!

Mom gave me an interesting book about Jazz in Detroit from 1920-1960.  I thumbed through it while we were at the doctor’s.  It gonna be hard to ignore that one.  But I am going to have to with classes all next week and my review book came in the mail yesterday (I feel so real…. the book was sent from the actual publisher (Penguin)) so I started that last night as well.  That will be a fairly easy read as it is a short story collection.  I polished off two stories last night.  The collection deals with the apocalypse which is not really my cup of tea but the stories are well written and enjoyable.

I also got one chapter of my SCUBA class read.  I need to get online after I do this to look through that.  I keep intending to but I forget.  It’s gonna bite me in the butt if I don’t do it soon.  Then I will read another chapter in the class book.  I figured if I read one chapter a day I would be ok for Monday.

I am slowly building up my Twitter account.  I am really not sure about all the hashtags and such (or pound signs if you prefer) but I share this every day on there and I try to check it everyday.  I’m not too keen on it but if it helps get me more writing gigs then I need to do it.  Any help you guys can give is welcome!  I am assuming that the whole hashtag thing is so when people search for a subject when you use the hashtag before a word or a group of words your tweet will show up in their search?  I’ve not delved into this yet.  But I’d better get moving.  There is a lot to do before I go get Mom for her follow up appointment.  Cheers!


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