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Feeling Fulfilled but Exhausted

I have gotten so much accomplished the last few days!  And so much more to go!  I’m not sure how long next week’s posts will be.  I will do my best to take pictures of the whole learning to dive experience.  I have also said I would do a blog post about a writing master class.  I have a week to do it but I am going to try to get it done over the weekend.  I don’t think that I can fit it in at all next week.

I still need to make puppy treats before I leave to take Mom to her eye surgery.  This time both her appointments are in the afternoon.  So I can sleep in a bit and still have part of my day once we are done.  The sky is overcast but that is ok.  I pretty much was outside all day at work.  It was beautiful out!

Despite getting a full nights sleep I am still tired.  I got up around 7:30am.  My eyes were still tired but I knew I wouldn’t fall back asleep.  Besides poor baby Essie needed out badly.  She kept coming back to make sure I was really getting up and once I was out of the bedroom she beelined for the door.

I checked the tree transplants when I got home yesterday and everyone is still alive.  They are still stressed but they are trying.  I hope they all do well.

I want to thank you all for following me on my journey.  Knowing that you folks care to read what I have to write as well as to find out what is going on for me and mine means a lot.  Cheers!


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