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Sooooo Close!

I was soooo close to a good nights sleep!  So close!  We started getting rain around 5 or 6pm last night.  No biggie.  I went to bed a little early because I was pooped.  I even took a sleeping pill to ensure I would go off to slumberland.  All went according to plan.  Then around 2am BAM! out goes the power and I am beneath two scared Pittys.  Dammit.  Still no idea what happened.  Stella pretty much slept in the living room all night with no issues.  Moose and Essie it took some doing to calm down.  It did not help when the power came back on only to go off a few seconds later.  I have no idea how long the power was out for.  I just made a note of what time it went off so I could try to gauge how many hours I had to get sleep before my alarm went off.  (I understand that I could’ve indeed figured out the actual time from this but my sleep deprived brain figured only how many hours I had to sleep and that is as far as it got.)

Work will be pretty much dead.  I don’t think they remembered that I will be working today.  There was nothing scheduled for me today and the top of the page said “Lot Closed” so unless I have vehicles to clean it will be pretty uneventful.  That is not necessarily a bad thing.  I need to remember that I have a meeting tonight.  Which means I will either type in my article tonight or have to get up early in the morning to send it in.  It will depend on how I feel.  I also need to touchbase to find out times for SCUBA class as well as Mom’s medical stuff (she still hadn’t been told as of yesterday which makes absolutely no sense to me).

I got a lot of yard work done even before Chris got up yesterday.  I got the lilac tree moved as well as the two baby maples that were growing up in the enterance to getting beneath the house.  Lilacs are blooming like crazy.  I hope everyone survives their transplants!  Nuts.  I just looked at my phone to check the time.  I gotta get moving!  Have a great day!


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