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Looking In and Out

I did not get but two things done off my list.  Mind you they were the two important ones but still.  Mom and I had a good long talk.  I went to bed very early in hopes that sleep would help to get rid of whatever I have.  I’m not feeling very good about myself this morning.  I feel like I am selling myself short.  I know I’m not doing all that I can.  I know part of it is fear of failure.  But the other part is laziness.  I’m sure there are other factors in there as well but those are the main two.

My anxiety is coming back.  It has kicked in in the wee hours the past few mornings waking me out of a dead sleep.  Right now I am all over the board mentally.  I am trying not to focus on much of anything because if I do focus I will fall apart.  I don’t want this to be a negative post.

I took some photos yesterday which I will share.  While I was out I was looking up into the sky and saw that there was a rainbow around the sun.  I did get a picture but you aren’t able to see the colors very distinctly.  It’s still a mice photo.  I also took one of the sunset tulip.  It was starting to open.  I just love the colors!  The buds on the lilacs are popping like crazy as well.  I did not take a picture of those yet.  I may later today.  I hope everyone has a good day.


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