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Snap, Crackle and Pop

Such storms last night!  I know the rest of the country has had much worse but at 3:30am my kids woke me pacing and being extremely agitated.  I had no idea what was wrong.  I heard the distant rumble of thunder but it could be  barely heard.  The kids were up and down from the bed as well as pacing in and out of the room.  When the storm finally hit even Stella was shaking.  And Stella is usually never bothered by these things.  Moose did calm down and actually fall asleep but the girls were up and shaking.  There was a lull a little after 4am but just as I was drifting off there was a loud crash of thunder that shook the house so I was back up comforting the girls and Moose.  I was finally able to get to sleep around 5am or so.  Essie needed to go out around 7:30am.  I got up and left the door open (I am soooo grateful for our fence!) going directly back to bed.  I got one more hour before Essie was trying to nudge me out of bed.  Apparently Moose wanted me up too because he helped.  Stella was no problem getting up and out of bed either.  Mind you all three are asleep now as I write this.

It is cloudy right now but it is supposed to be a beautiful day with temperatures up into the 80s (F).  Our close friend is turning 40 today and we are supposed to go to his party.  I ma not sure if I am up for it.  I am wiped out.  Especially since Chris is planning to take the bike (it would have to be both of us on his because I am in no condition to pilot my own).  We are out of meds as well.  I don’t know that I will go.  I may send Chris on his own.  If I do stay home I may try to get the short story into WordPerfect.  Then I can start shopping it around to different places.  I think it is good enough to get published in a magazine but I’m not sure if it is good enough for an anthology.  But I won’t know either way if I don’t ask.  I have a few more stories I want to get in there as well but I will start with my favorite.  I completely forgot to ask the paper about format!  Nuts!  I had intended to start writing my articles in WordPerfect instead of just typing them in an email but I wanted to know what format to use.  Oh well.  I have a meeting Tuesday night to attend then I can turn in my word count for the month.  That will be my car payment and part of car insurance.  It will depend on how much I get.

I never did get anything from my other editor about doing an interview.  Ok.  I just shot out an email.  Better to do it now before I forget.  They have got so much going on right now I feel for them.  But I need to get on the ball again with my writing.  Being sick I just haven’t had the energy to do much of anything.  I need to try to find the energy to try to do something.  Even if it’s just researching a place to send my stories or writing out a query letter long hand.  Something.  That is one of the reasons I hate being sick.  I get too comfortable doing nothing.  What makes it more frustrating is the forward momentum I had.  It is slowly petering out.  I was going great guns before I got sick getting finances together and programs for the computer etc.

I will let myself read for a little bit this morning then there are things I need to print up for both Mom and myself as well as things I need to scan and send to family.  I have gone through all my Gideon Oliver mysteries and I’ve delved back into Ngaio Marsh and Superintendent Rory Alleyn.  It has been many moons since I have read her books.  Sadly I have been devouring them at a rate of one a day.  They are small print and between 250 and 300 pages each.  Yes work has been that slow.  And yes I should be writing then.  Ok, I am procrastinating getting things done.  I hope everyone has a great day!

Oh!  Before I go I want to give a shout out to the paper I work for, the Elk Rapids News, because of the 1/4 page blurb on watching out for motorcycles.  They know I ride and am not assuming that it was put there due to me.  The state of Michigan is doing a program this Spring and Summer to promote motorcycle awareness.  There will be things in magazines, newspapers, the radio and other media.  I am pleased and I hope that the campaign works!  Cheers!


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