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Sick but the World Is Still Beautiful

I am not sure what to write this morning.  I got nothing done that I had intended.  I spent as much time as I could outside.  Yesterday was the worst day of this whole sickness mess thus far.  Muscle aches, hot/cold, temperature off and on, and so desperately tired all day no matter how much sleep I got.  Oh and the cough and inability to properly breathe.

I’m not sure if I’m better this morning or not.  I feel better but there have been many mornings where I’ve felt better only to come home and feel even worse than the day before.  I am hoping that things improve and continue to do so.  Yesterday’s shower helped a little.

The kids have been good for the most part.  I was awakened by Stella eating one of my pillows in the living room last night.  The girls have wanted to play more than I have really cared to.  Moose has been by my side the whole time.  And if he’s not with me then he is in the dog bed.  He seems to really like the location.  It is secluded, quiet and he can watch things going on outside.  There are plenty of blankets to hunker down in if he feels cold.

I did walk around the yard a bit.  The plants are starting to bloom and the trees are filling out.  The maple trees are almost fully leaved.  It is so awesome to see that after this past winter!  I will share some of the pictures of the yard and get ready to head to work.  I hope everyone has a great day!


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