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Ahhhh the Beautiful Sunshine!

I will receive my first interviewee sometime today from my new editor.  I have until the beginning of July to turn in the finished product.  I am grateful for that length of time because whatever I have makes breathing and talking difficult.  Things are migrating from my sinuses to my chest.  I have also dug out a 10 year old short story that I am going to put into WordPerfect and then try to find a home for.  It is one of my favorite short stories.  Once I get my own full version of WordPerfect I will start the arduous task of typing one of my novels in.  Atleast it will be a start.

We got hit with a bit of a storm last night.  I’m not sure if Chris out ran it or just managed to beat it here.  I heard thunder around 10:30pm but this hit maybe 3 minutes after Chris walked in the door.  If he did manage to miss it I’m grateful.  He rode his motorcycle in to work.  It was a beautiful (if windy) ride in for him.  He said it helped his attitude as well.

We are going to a 40th birthday party for a friend this weekend.  A friend that cannot be 40 years old.  I remember when we met him and he was in his teens.  I also remember when he turned 21 because he was then out adult beverage buyer, lol.  But 40?  I’m sorry.  That can just not be!  Where has the time gone?  I was surprised when he turned 21…

I’m sorry this is so short.  I am constantly coughing trying to get the crud out of my chest and my sinuses are filling again.  Feeling winded just typing this so maybe a good cough outside (hopefully Chris won’t hear and can get some sleep) and a nose blow will help.  I hope everyone has a great day!


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