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Feeling Like the White Rabbit

Good grief!  I am running soooo behind!  I didn’t sleep well but I did manage to fall asleep at the very end so that my alarm woke me up (it has been a few years since I had to do an alarm but I always set it in case of this, whew!).  Now I am scrambling to get it all together.  The rain isn’t helping.  Just making us all more sleepy.  Gonna need extra coffee this morning!  lol

Yesterday turned into a beautiful day.  I didn’t feel all that great but I spent a lot of time outside reading.  I got laundry done and put away and a load of dishes done.  I also got in about 15-20 minutes of training.  Our neighbor’s dog Ellie stopped over to say hi so I was able to have a nice chat with the neighbors and play with Ellie.  Ellie looks a bit like a Pitty and her Dad is having his first exposure to the anti-Pitbull crowd.  So that was a big topic we covered in our chat.  People don’t realize it until they get exposed to it, how bad the anti-Pitbull people can be.  I chose to educate as I went along.  Thus many of my friends and acquaintances have given Pitties a chance.

Well nuts.  This will be a short one!  I will throw on a few pics of the kids.  I hope everyone has a good day!



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