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Facing Another Day

I woke up to find out one of my Formula 1 heroes has died.  Niki Lauda has died at only 70 years old.  He was an amazing racer!  Caught fire in a wreck and was back racing 5-6 weeks after the accident!  His lungs had to be cleaned out daily but he endured the pain.  He had that much drive to get back to racing.  When I was able to still watch F1 I remember always looking for him in the paddock.  Whenever I watched any kind of F1 documentary they always interviewed him.  I am going to miss him.

I am grateful to be off today.  I feel like someone has hit me in the face with a wooden board.  I feel a little better than I did last night.  Yesterday I just got worse after I got home.  My nose is raw from blowing it so much.

I fear I may need to find a third job.  Finances are getting tight and I need more recourse than what I have available.  Sooooo I am looking.  Ironically I can’t do anything until the second week of June due to me having my SCUBA lessons the first week.  Which reminds me I need to get going on the online classwork for that today.  I have a bunch of stuff that needs to be printed so after I am done here I will plug back in to my office and do all that.

The sun is out today.  We had a frost watch last night so I brought the plants in.  Hopefully it will warm up enough to keep the door open this morning.  The fresh air seems to help more than the medicine.  I won’t try to do much today and maybe that will help.  I did sleep in a bit.  I don’t feel any better for it, but I don’t feel worse so there it is.

I am really concerned about ticks in the yard this year.  So far we’ve had two.  I’m pretty sure they got them from the new portion of the yard (newly fenced in).  We never had a problem in the almost 20 years we’ve lived here and all the dogs we’ve had (or just had over).  I’m not sure which way to go with medication.  There is the shot to protect against Lyme disease or the chewables to take care of both heartworm and ticks (some do fleas as well).

Ok my focus is going and I am feeling spent.  Doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day but atleast I will be home.  I hope everyone has a good day!

2 thoughts on “Facing Another Day”

  1. Jen, we use Sentinel for Tuffy. It’s a chewey thing he likes. Monthly dose. It’s for heart worms, fleas and ticks. The other thing I’ve seen is a collar that’s supposed to last 8 months. Can’t remember what it’s called. If I see again, I’ll pass it on.

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