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Beautiful Rainbows

Yesterday actually turned out better than I’d hoped.  I didn’t get into any yard work (the rain was heavy off and on, mostly on) but I did get laundry done which included our bedding.  And we got a beautiful double rainbow!  I called Chris out to look at it and took a bunch of pictures.  Had I been thinking I would’ve snuck out and gotten a picture of the rainbows behind the bikes in the front yard.  Oh well.  I will share the pictures at the end of this.

It is another chilly and wet day.  Atleast the kids will be more inclined to sleep while I am gone.  I checked my article schedule for the paper and I have this week free.  I’m glad as I am still battling for control with this cold.  The weather seems to help it dig in.  If the weather was warmer it would probably be gone.

I will probably show up and one of my transporters will already be there this morning.  Today shouldn’t be very busy.  And that is fine by me.  I have one phone call to make today and then I should be ok.  I have a few more tweaks to put on my budget and I should be good there as well.

I guess this will be another short one as I have just glanced at the clock and see that I need to get going for work.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!


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