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Up and About

It is getting harder and harder to read other blogs before I write mine.  But there it is.  This cold (or whatever it is) seems to come and go in waves.  I feel crappy when I get up but get better as the day goes on.  But late afternoon I start feel bad again.  Atleast I have an up swing to my day!

Despite all odds yesterday I did a bit of gardening, put all the laundry away (except the load that went through last night), and switched out dishes and ran a load.  Oh and we did our training.  So I feel good about that.

The month is going by so fast!  We are half way through May already!  I’m trying not to think of the first week of June.  Both because of that and that is when I go to get my SCUBA training.  I need to get on the web site and do my class work on there yet.  I am probably excited but I’m trying not to think about it too much.  The big reason is that I took the week off of work to do it.  Class is 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.  So it’s not like I could squeak it in after work.  Soooo I guess the plus to this is this is a five week month so I can try to pay ahead.

The kids have been really good all things considered.  I try to play with them when I get home from work etc but I’ve not really felt much like doing anything but sleep.  I’ve gotten out there with them and their toys to play and I encourage zoomies as often as they occur.  When Stella gets ripping around the yard (zoomies) a lot of the time the other two will chase her around.  A win-win for me.

All this is not what I had intended to write about.  I have all these wonderful serious topics to discuss when I got to bed but cannot remember a one of them when I wake up.  Not sure if that is good or bad.  I don’t want to get too serious with this (as in topics) but I also want to use this as a tool to get more writing jobs, which means I need to do more than what I am.  Nuts…. I forgot to do the reviews on Amazon again.  Pardon me while I write this down on paper.  Ok, I’m back.  I might make a list of blog topics while I’m at work.  Oh boy…. I just remembered we have an anniversary party to go to Saturday.  I wonder if we will be up for it.  It would be nice to see everyone again.  Although I will get grief for having more tattoos since they last saw me.  They are very anti ink.  We have agreed to disagree but every once in a while they must share their two cents.  Ahh well.  Not a bad price for friendship.

I got a few pictures of one of the hummingbirds we have this year. I’m glad I got the feeder out early.  And the feeder is full.  I use sugar water with no coloring as the coloring is bad for the birds.  As I need to get it together to head out for work I will share a few pics of that.  Have a great day!


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