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Freelancing , Financing and Being Sick

I’m sorry for not reading more of your posts today as WordPress is being a bit of a stinker.  It took me 15 minutes to get through what usually takes 5 minutes.  After the umpty umpth freeze I lost all patience.  But I did try.

I got moving forward on the finance managing front while at work yesterday.  The Money Book was a very worthwhile purchase.  I am plugging along a bit at a time.  I had planned to do more with it today but that isn’t going to happen.  Not only did I get whatever Chris has but I also have to muscle soreness for all my working tin the yards.  I feel bad enough that it even came into my dreams with me.  Sooooo I think that a lot of “fluff” reading will be done today.   I feel bad for the dogs because the other day we had such fun but yesterday I was a bit of a crabby lump  and I do believe today will be much the same.

I feel good about the whole finance thing though.  I have done a lot of this before but with not real context.  I also got a hold of my money person on taxes so I have a plan of what to do with that.  To be hones that part scares me.  I don’t want to mess Chris over following my dreams.  I suppose if it was too bad we could file separately?  We have always done joint since e tied the knot legally.  I guess we’ll see.  I do need to make a phone call today.  I had intended to do it yesterday with all the others but I did not have the number and once I got home I forgot about it.  I don’t want to call today because I am so irritable.  This won’t help my cause.  But I may have to try.

I still have had no assignments no that I am onboard with the new editor.  I may touch base today and see if there is something I can do or say to speed things up.  They may just be inundated with people and things to do.  I may offer to read a book of my own and review it if nothing is forthcoming.  I need to knock the dust off.  I should start with doing my Amazon reviews.  There are a few books that I told myself I was going to review on there.  All good.

Goodness.  I feel like I’ve been beaten up and left to die right now.  I will sign off of here and make my to do list and hope for the best.  I hope you have a great day!

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