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A Monday For Sure

I guess this morning’s blog will have to be through my phone. The laptop seems to be giving up the ghost. Which is going to really suck because I need that for writing and submissions. I turn it on, put in my password and the screen goes black and stays that way. It started Saturday? but the computer brought up the main screen after the control-alt-delete combo. I had to do it twice yesterday. This morning? I’ve done it five times and waited a few minutes with nothing but a black screen to try again. I’ve just turned it off. Dammit.

The girls started early again this morning. Stella has an upset stomach (which means she ate something she shouldn’t have) so I got up and let her out. She tried to get in Chris’s face around 6am when I grabbed her and asked if she needed to go outside. She laid back down. Then around 6:23am she got off the bed so I followed her and let her out. Essie was ready to get up when I rolled over. I told her no because I still had an hour left. Ha ha. The joke was on me..

I hope this is not an indication of how my day is going to go. I’ve been up since 3am (that’s when Chris came to bed). I’m trying to be positive. I’ve got a meeting to cover tonight and another tomorrow morning. I was going to ride the bike in tonight but it is supposed to rain and if I am fighting off what Chris has I don’t think that is going to help. I can’t ride in tomorrow morning because I have to fill my propane tank for work so I need the car. The place I take it is right on the way.

Annoying that the two who had to be up are now sound asleep behind me. It’s gonna be a long day. I hope yours goes well.

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