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A Day For Me to Chill

Well good morning and Happy Mother’s Day!  My Mother’s Day gift this morning was sleeping in.  lol.  I’m a cheap date!  It was only half an hour but I’ll take it.  I didn’t wake up crabby.  Stiff and a bit sore but not crabby.  Last night was a bit of a Twister game in the bed with the dogs as everyone wanted to sleep next to me.

I had a good long talk with Mom yesterday afternoon and I Skyped with Dad and his side of the house last night.  It was good to touchbase with everyone for a bit.

I do have to say that I really do like the Supernatural book.  I don’t see what everyone is complaining about.  The characters are real and fully developed.  The description is done well as is the scene setting.  Maybe because I’m a writer I am not looking at it with such a jaundiced eye?  The author got Sam and Dean right as characters.  I guess the only solution will be to go one Amazon and post a review of my own once I am done.  I need to review a few books that I have read truthfully.  I keep forgetting to do that.

The Money Book is also a good purchase.  They literally start further behind the 8 ball than I am and work it forward.  I am impressed with how they handle the situations and the suggestions they give.  I am tempted to get a copy for Mom.

I’ve not delved into the Anthony Bourdain graphic novel yet and I didn’t get any further in The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women.  I got pulled away to go on a bit of a road trip.  The good that came out of that road trip was two frisbees for Essie and steak to grill on the barbeque.  And I have to say I did a damn fine job on them without soaking them in salt.  I did a barbeque rub that had salt.  (Chris uses salt to tenderize the meat before he cooks it.  After it sits for the required amount of time the salt is washed off.  My problem is I got tired of my meats tasting salty all the time.  I needed some flavor.)

Sadly I think Chris is sick again.  Hopefully it is just a cold that he does not share.  Time will tell.  Poor guy kept himself up coughing for a good portion of the night (I was already awake with night sweats and dogs lol).

Tomorrow will be my busy day as after work I will come home for a few hours then head out to cover a meeting.  Then I will cover another on the following morning.  I like that I have variety.  One week I don’t have anything to cover but the next week I have a few things to cover.  And the meetings are usually interesting.

I had better wish the various Mom’s in my life a Happy Mother’s Day!  Cheers!

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