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Wind in the Everything

I am having a lot of problems this morning trying to use this site.  Not only here but on my phone as well.  Am I the only one who has had issues?  And to add to my annoyance the “prompt” popped up “You haven’t written anything yet!” popped up and I’m like “It’s because your stupid program isn’t responding!  I’m typing!”  I had to reload everything before it would work.

We lost power last night around 10pm from the winds we have picked up.  Then the steady rain started.  It was the lack of power that was the hardest.  When that happens my dogs freak out.  That total silence scares them really bad.  I’m sure hearing what the wind was doing outside wasn’t helping either.  My metal pumpkin guy that stands on my deck (you’ve seen him in a lot of the photos I take of outside from where I sit when I write this) was blow off the deck and almost into the pond.  He is not light!  The wind has eased up but not a lot.  I’m not going to pick up chairs or anything outside because they will just be blown over again.  It is raining hard enough that I literally shoved everyone out the door to go potty after breakfast and when they came in everyone got two pieces of hot dog.  Something keeps spooking Essie.  She keeps barking… well I did get her down to a woof.  I have all three behind be on the love seat.  Essie was on the couch.

I can’t sleep for some messed up reason.  I was awake at 6am and finally got tired of fighting my brain around 6:30am.  With as little sleep as I got and the fact that I am still exhausted I think my brain is being ridiculous.  But what can you do?

I finished season 14 of Supernatural last night.  I was going to try to milk it but that didn’t work.  So that was what? two days for all the episodes?  Maybe three?  Oh well.  I enjoyed all of it.  Although the actor that plays Lucifer I will not be able to like ever.  He did his roll too well.  I wonder if they will bring Crowley back somehow.  That would be cool.  Hell, (pardon the pun) they’ve brought everyone else back!

I am excited to start my new writing job at Horror Tree.  I am going to touchbase and ask a few questions now that I am thinking instead of all excited.  Lol.  Things like if I find someone that might be appropriate can I interview them and submit it or do I just interview who they assign me.  My husband was the one that brought that one to mind.  He said that now that I was working for Horror Tree that meant that I (meaning we) would have to start going to the ComCon up here.  I just looked at him.  Then I said, “And that would just break your heart wouldn’t it?”  We both laughed.  He is such a nerd/geek sometimes!  But it did bring that question to mind as well as others so I want to send an email and ask them.

I cannot focus due to lack of sleep.  I see something from the corner of my eye or hear something and my mind goes off wandering on it’s own.  And here I sit staring at the screen.  The coffee is not working…. Well thank you for reading!  I will stop before my mind drifts off again.  I hope you have a great day!  Cheers!


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  1. Hi 🙂

    I think a lot of people are experiencing a lot of problems with WP currently – if it is not comments disappearing, or pingbacks not working, or mobile apps not responding – doesn’t help your plight, but whilst WP is readying their new editor launch l believe there are all sorts of glitches going on.

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