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Awesome News!

Ok I have fab news all around for Stella and myself!  Her training session yesterday went beyond awesome!  She is soooo smart!  She picked up on it right away!  The trainer said as long as we are consistent and since she is so smart then we need only come back once a month if we want (we can obviously do more if we feel it is needed).  And then last night I GOT THE EMAIL!  Remember the people I said I had sent a query and then clips to but I wasn’t sure if I shot myself in the foot because I sent actual photos of the articles?  THEY WANT ME TO WRITE FOR THEM!!!  I am sooooo excited!  I got the email last night while I was watching Supernatural.

I am listening to poor Essie’s tummy gurgle and bubble.  She spent a good bit outside before breakfast.  She did this yesterday.  I don’t know why she is waking up with an upset tummy.  They don’t get anything before bed.  Usually dinner is it for the night.  She tweaked her shoulders somehow last night too.  She seems to be doing better this morning but…  My poor baby.  Maybe it because of all the attention and praise Stella has been getting.  I think she was actually disappointed that Stella did not leave and stay gone.  I hope all will be well while I’m at work.  I will do some training when I get home.  We tried one of the commands, “Leave it” when we got home yesterday and she did well.  Of course the other two wanted in on the action because treats were involved.  All three did pretty good.  But I will do some more with them today.

I am running behind this morning so I apologize for not reading any blogs this morning.  I will read when I get home (after training).  I hope everyone has a great day!

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