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Another Day in the Life…

I am extremely frustrated this morning.  First I wanted to sleep in because the girls (yes I still have Stella but more on that later) started “hearing Daddy” around 2-2:30am this morning.  Essie was on me to get up even before my usual wake up time.  Then it’s either this web site, my computer or yes that is having problems.  I try to read and like something and it takes a good minute for the computer/site to do anything with my keystrokes.  I’m surprised that this is working frankly.

As to baby Stella.. I have gained her a reprieve by going to a dog trainer.  This morning is our first appointment.  She will get evaluated today then we will set up a program for her.  It will be more expensive this way ($140 for a seven week, every Tuesday course versus my $75 for today and then $50 for every visit after that) but I can’t do the Tuesday nights because some of them I have meetings to cover.  This way I can pick my days and maybe I can get it so that Chris can come to a few (say on a Friday that he doesn’t work).  I think she will do well because she is very smart.  The trainer was giving me suggestions even before I asked about classes.  She is very positive about Stella.  She says there is nothing wrong with her that some basic training won’t fix given her (Stella’s) background.  She even got us in this morning because I told her this was Stella’s last chance.  I am felling very good about going to this trainer.  Mind you this means that everyone will be getting trained.  I am not going to be able to work with just Stella at home so that means all three technically are getting trained.  It will be about an hour drive one way to get there but if it works then it will be worth it.

Gah!  I’m getting frustrated with this computer and site both!  I ask it to do one thing and it does another or nothing at all!  The weather has cooled off considerably (we had a frost warning last night) and it is a dark dismal grey outside.  That is NOT helping my attitude right now.  On a positive note Netflix has gotten season 14 of Supernatural out so I am binge watching that.  I got up to episode 8 last night.  I figure tonight then one more half night and I will be ready for the last season.  That makes me sad but I totally understand the need to call the end.  I has been a damn good run.  Who knew that the series would take off like it did.

I’m going to get some more coffee and see if that helps my attitude.  Meanwhile I will share photos of the kids.  I will let everyone know how our training goes either later or tomorrow.  Cheers!


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