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Feeling Like a Drifting Cloud

Yesterday went pretty well on the bike.  Some issues with a sticky throttle trying to park him but I think we can get that sorted by tweaking the cables.  Hopefully.  I had a good long talk with each of my parents and then spent the rest of my night with Chris and the kids.  Chris went to see the new Avengers movie and can’t say enough good about it.  I asked him who died (no I won’t share for those of you who want to see the movie) just because I was curious.  He told me who, how and why.  I was intrigued.  Not three hours intrigued mind you.

It is supposed to be another beautiful day so I may work in the raised gardens today.  Or the front yard.  Both gardens need to be taken care of.  I won’t mess with the one by the kitchen and utility room because the guys just tramp through it with their air compressor etc.  Poor plants.  I may say something next time.  It didn’t matter much before because it was winter.  I guess we’ll see.  It’s not like they are coming back anytime soon.  Big eye roll.

Not really much to say this morning.  The kids are in three separate spots watching me.  Not sleeping.  Just watching me.  I’m not sure why.  I still have stuff to work on today and send out.  My mind is just kind of roaming around a bit like a cloud up in the sky.  No real point or focus.  Makes it a bit difficult to write.  Lol.  I suppose I’ll take the hint and maybe curl up with a book for a bit.  I finished Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King.  It was good.  An interesting premise.  I probably won’t read it again but I don’t consider it time wasted.  Ok, I’m going to let my wandering mind wander and see where it goes.  Cheers!

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