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Happy International Female Ride Day!

The bikes are already out and about this morning.  It should be in the 60s today.  We still have to go pick Chris’s bike up from the shop.  Hopefully they have sorted out the electrical gremlin that was causing his battery to drain and not stay charged.  Recall was successfully taken care of as well.  The plan is I drop him at the shop then I head back home to my bike (I don’t ride anyone except me on Rogue and Chris is way too big for my bike anyway).  I don’t know how long my ride will be.  I’ll decide once I get a leg over and moving.  The nice thing is I can just go.  No gas up or tire pressure stops.   I will being heading out solo as Chris is going to watch the final Avengers movie.

Yesterday was a mess.  I haven’t had an attack that bad in a long time.  It pretty much lasted until I went to bed last night.  I slept for about 11 hours.  I didn’t feel good physically the whole day either.  I did eat but it was a struggle to keep it down.  Today I feel better.  Just excitement butterflies about taking my bike out for the first time of the season.

I also need to write my article for the paper.  I was going to try to do that yesterday but it wasn’t possible.  We were supposed to get Chris’s bike yesterday too but he saw how bad I was and said we could do it today, bless him.  I had hoped to have some time to do this and the article but Chris got up not long after we did because he his jazzed about getting his bike back.  So I will do this and see if I can get in a few frisbee throws for Essie (she lost her frisbee earlier this week and numerous walks of the yard found nothing; she showed up at the door this morning with it in her mouth!  still no idea where it was hiding) before we go.

I want to say thank you to all of you who are reading this and follow my blog.  Your support means a lot.  You folks are the reason I make myself write everyday no matter how I feel or how much time I have.



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