The Mixed Bag Morning After

Last night was a mixed bag.  I covered a pre meeting thing (which was fun) but the meeting lasted an extra half an hour.  Roads were good til the last 10 minutes where I got stuck behind two cars going atleast 5 mph slower than the posted speed at all times.  Then I got home to a bit of a mess from the “kids'” (I suspect it was all Stella).  Oh then I had a blow out with a friend.  But the flip side of that is my query got a response sooooo fingers crossed!

I was upset and couldn’t sleep and I am paying for it right now.  I have no ambition and I and exhausted.  And I looked at my day for work and I have a full slate.  Pretty sure the one driver will be there when I pull in.  I seriously need and want to go back to bed.  This will probably be one of my shortest posts.  I am tired enough that my anxiety is starting to rear it’s ugly head.

I did take some cool pictures last night and will share.  I cannot keep my mind from freaking out.  So I need to try to get myself calmed down.  I was able to read a few blogs before I started.  Cheers!


3 thoughts on “The Mixed Bag Morning After”

    1. Since I lost my job last year I haven’t been too bad. Learning to let go to what I cannot change. Yesterday was one of the worst anxiety/panic attacks I’ve had in a long time. Nothing helped.

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