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A Bit About Beltane and Other Traditions

This morning I have time to write a bit more.  Yesterday was Beltane for those of us who celebrate the Pagan holidays (holy days sound pompous, I prefer sacred days).  Beltane is one of our Fire Festivals.  It signifies the bursting forth of life from growing Spring into the fulness of Summer.  This is when the Goddess and God come together to bless the earth with fertility for the land and those that live upon (and in) it.  It is a very sacred and powerful time of the year.  Also one of the most fun!

Many handfastings or weddings take place.  The villages would have great festivals to celebrate not only the season changes but also new life coming forth from Mother Earth after her long slumber beneath the ice and snow.  It was a time for the community to come together after a long cold winter and celebrate life and the warm days ahead.

Writing this I look back to yesterday and laugh to myself.  It was definitely NOT Beltane weather yesterday!  It was cold and rained most of the day.  I was pretty well soaked the morning through from work.  However my own personal celebrations included sitting and reading (and doing exercises from) Thinking Write by Kelly L. Stone as well as reading Wild Mind by Natalie Goldberg.  I tried to focus on moving further forward with my writing career.  I also ate some peaches in honor of the Summer season.  It’s not much but it was my way.

It has been a long time since I celebrated with other Pagans.  I find myself becoming solitary.  Not in the sense that I don’t want anything to do with people but that I tend to be alone a lot and enjoy it.  My celebrations are much lower key than when I had others to share it with.  We had our special recipes for the various holidays and would figure out who was making which dish.  I was usually in charge of the ceremony so I would let everyone know if there was something they needed to bring or do for the event.  Part of me misses all of that.  Then the other part is grateful not to have to worry about it.  And that sounds sad.  Or lazy.  I do miss it.  It was fun having like minded people over to celebrate the seasons and traditions.  It is a bit boring using messages via social media and such to send your greetings.

I need to get back into celebrating again.  Do something traditional instead of impromptu.  Care about how it is celebrated.  A good example (although not Pagan) is  this Saturday is IFRD or International Female Ride Day.  Back in 2007 Vicky Grey (look her up, she is fascinating!) asked all the women who rode motorcycles to just get on their motorcycles on the first Saturday in May and just ride.  Either as a group or solo if there was no one to ride with.  I remember that.  I remember making it a point to have that day off from work so I could take out the Pearl.  And I did.  Now this is a major holiday all over the world for women riders.  Literally all over the world!  It is amazing how much this has grown over the years!  It has been hit and miss for my riding over the years but this year Rogue and I are gonna get out for a bit.  So if you are out and about make sure you keep your eyes open for motorcycles.  We will be out in force on Saturday and probably every day there after.

Thanks for reading!  Cheers!


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