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Figuring Out What to Do Next

Yesterday was blessedly slow.  I had one pick up and he was there when I arrived.  I can’t tell you how much I needed and appreciate the down time I had!  The only thing I really did when I got home was wash the bedding for us.  Other than that…

I still haven’t written my letters.  I have one more to add to my query list.  This one can be sent as an email though.  I’m not sure if I will be interviewing or reviewing books.  I may throw my hat in the ring for both.  It sounds as though I will be able to share them on here as well so be warned!  lol

I am disappointed about my other book reviews.  I busted tail to get them done in time and they will sit for a year before they get published.  I had hoped that they would come out with the Spring issue.  But atleast they will be out there.  I just need to keep plugging along and keep writing.  I feel bad about not doing anything with my other writing site.  I just get on there and I can’t find anything to write.  And I can’t write then go back to it.  I have to write it all now and put it out there.  Here I can save and come back to it later.  I can’t do that with the other site.  All or nothing.  So they have been getting nothing.

Yesterday was a week since Boo has been gone.  Time is moving way too fast for me.  A week.  I was looking for him when I got home from work yesterday.  I still have problems feeding just three dogs.  Especially when I share.  It was easy to tear some thing in half twice.  Now it’s thirds.  I keep catching myself before I call Moose Boo as well.  Essie is doing better but she still misses Dante.  I think we all do.  Went through the whole thing in my head last night in bed.

I have to remember to get time off the end of May for Mom’s other eye surgery.  The surgery itself isn’t the problem as that happens on my day off.  It’s the follow up appointment the next day.  They don’t give her any time until that week.  If it isn’t until the afternoon then I might not have to take the day off.  But it is a moot point because they won’t tell her anything.  Irritating.  I just sent in my time off request before I forget again.

I feel the need to watch some Supernatural.  Annoyingly that means I have to use Netflix to do it.  Not only did they wipe out both of our personal lists but they gave us “family” and it has things on our list that neither of us would ever watch.  These were not suggestions but things someone put on our list.  And the things that we had on our personal lists that we were watching?  Yeah… if they made it on to the “family” list we lost where we were in the series.  So I lost where I was in Supernatural.  I am NOT a fan of Netflix anymore.  Before I would talk them up to anyone who would listen.  Not anymore.  This is the second time they have “lost” mu personal list.  We have been with Netflix since they started.  When you had the choice of requesting a DVD or streaming.

This is getting a bit long so I will share puppy pictures and get writing my queries.  Thanks for reading!  Cheers!


5 thoughts on “Figuring Out What to Do Next”

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed it! Surfing is next on my bucket list. I take SCUBA lessons the first week of June. Then on to surfing!
      Thanks for stopping by and reading. I appreciate it!


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