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Please Get Me Through This Day lol

Have you ever enough to make yourself sore the next day and just dead exhausted?  That is what I did yesterday.  Played with the dogs, talked with both my parents, did some house work and spent quality time with the husband.  I am wiped out right now.  I went to bed early but was wide awake around 1:30am and never really got back to sleep.  More of a doze here and there.

This morning is overcast like it wants to rain.  My back feels like I did too much yesterday.  Normally it will just be achy and work itself out.  It actually is borderline hurting.  I hope this day goes quickly and well at work.  I need to call the paper to make sure there isn’t anything I’m covering this week.  I don’t think there is but you never know.

Everyone was cuddled up to me last night.  I think that was the only way I got any sleep.  Chris was happy when we finally left the bed.  Moose was laying across the bed with his head resting on me instead of up and down like he normally sleeps.  And for whatever reason Moose has to roll around on the bed before he gets up.  What is that all about?  Anyway once I got the kids up he actually had room to sleep.  On this dark day he should get enough sleep.  The kids will probably snooze longer.

I think a nice hot shower when I get home tonight will really hit the spot.  Then I can curl up and read.  Or maybe not.  The kids might have other plans.  I did take them for a ride yesterday.  I even coaxed Essie to go with.  I put the other two in the car and I took Essie out on a leash.  She is so good on a leash!  (That spelling really doesn’t look right for some reason.) It was the first ride since we lost Dante.  Everyone seemed to have fun.

I see by the clock I’d better get going.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!

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