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A Lazy Sunday Morning

I actually slept in this morning!  Almost til 8:30am!   All three Pittys are behind me on the love seat asleep.  They have been so good all weekend.  We played a lot.  The sun is out bright and shining.  I know it’s still chilly out because there is frost on my car still.  I don’t think it’s supposed to even hit 50F today.  But if the sun is out we can sit inside in the sunshine.  Stella already did that after breakfast.  The sun was coming in one of the kitchen windows and she curled up and we to sleep in the sunshine.

I didn’t do much yesterday.  I got laundry mostly done (one more load to dry and then put it all away).  I need to switch out dishes in the dishwasher today as well as water the plants.

Our eldest niece got married yesterday.  She got engaged when we went to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving.  I expect she was a beyond beautiful bride and I hope they have a wonderful life together.  I remember when we first met.  She thought I was so cool because I was riding my father-in-law’s horse around the yard as they left.  She even made her dad stop the car so she could watch for a few minutes.  Then she waved like crazy as they left.  So much time has passed for all of us!

I had my plan of what I would blog about last night as I fell asleep but when I awoke there was not even a memory of it.  Coffee in hand I guess I will just wing it.

I did not use my phone at all yesterday.  I can’t tell you how awesome that was!  I wasn’t on Facebook nor did I check emails.  Well I did but on my laptop.  I forgot I had to send in my invoice to the paper for this month.  Small confession… I don’t have any word processing program to use on my laptop so when I write I write it in an email to send.  So when I send in my word counts I actually do count it by hand then add it all up.  I need to remedy that.  I want to get WordPerfect again.  It is what I had years ago and it does convert files into Word format.  Word and I never really got along but I always have loved working with WordPerfect.  It is on my writing list of things to get.

Nuts.  I just realized that I did not write that letter to send out yet.  I should’ve yesterday as I had the laptop plugged into the printer.  Oh well.  I can still do it today.  I am also trying not to go to the store and get the current issue of Rue Morgue.  I may load up the kids and say screw it.  The kids need to get out for a bit.  Although the other day it tickled me to no end to watch all three kids get the zoomies for a good 15 minutes or so and zip around the yard.  (For those who don’t know what zoomies are it’s when a dog just goes tearing around wherever they are at full speed for no apparent reason.  I suppose some of us do this in cars and on motorcycles too…. I hadn’t thought of that.)

Everyone has been very supportive since the loss of Dante.  I am very grateful.  I still call Moose Boo once in a while.  He just stands there and looks at me.  I’m not sure if it’s a hurt look because I called him by his brother’s name or because I used the wrong name.  It doesn’t help that both boys were dark in color.  Dante was solid black while Moose is a dark chocolate brown.

Ok.  We have just spent the last few minutes trying to decide if we are going in or out.  Everyone went out but wanted right back in.  As I suspected Stella just wants some sun to lay in.  I took her into the kitchen and pointed out that there was some sun in there to lay in.  She is currently trying to scout out a spot.  And she’s back.  Apparently there is something wrong that only I can fix.  She is standing her beside me, now laying.  She’s usually pretty good at letting me be while I write.  So I guess I’d better see what is wrong.  Cheers!


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