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A Bit of Gardening on the Side

I’m feeling rather out of it this morning.  I did a ton of stuff yesterday since the rain did not show up until after dark I spent pretty much all my time outside.  Essie spent most of her time out with me while the two youngest were in and out because they got too hot.  I got three trees trimmed up about 6 feet or so.  They are over one of my raised garden beds and I wanted the shade but not to hit my head every time I went to garden.  It was also a big mess there anyway.  I worked on the raised bed (there are three) as well.  I also managed to get down most of the remaining chicken wire fence.  I only have another couple of feet to go.  Then all the old fence that was in the new fence will be gone.

I’m scraped up and probably a few bruises and a bit of sun despite precautions but I am pleased with the results.  I put as much as I could on the burn pile.  The rest I tossed over the fence.  At one point I will try to pile it all in one spot but for now it’s kind of all over.  When we do the neighborhood clean up I need to make sure the used chicken wire fencing goes.

This morning is chilly, wet and overcast.  I just wanna go back to sleep.  I’ve not checked the schedule for today for work yet.  I hope no one is there right away.  If they sent the one driver he will be.  I hate being rushed right out of the gate.  I have my routine.

I just gotta get through today.  I also need to remember to go to the bank in town to deposit money so I can pay my bills after work.  I’m worried that I will be so focused on coming home that I will forget to do it.  I may try to leave from work instead of come home and get the kids.  I hate to do it to them (I want them to enjoy going for rides not think that they are going to the vet and not coming home).  But I may have to.  I’ll take the money with and decide later.

I need to get gone for work.  Have a great day!


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