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Introspection by Looking Out

I almost downloaded the direct link to this to put on my desk top.  Almost.  If I did it would make things faster and I wouldn’t need to get online and go to my favorites to do this.  But if I did that then it would break my routine.  While the computer boots up and logs in is when I let the kids out to go potty.  While I wait for them I can peruse the day’s news and then read some of your blogs.  Once they call come in I read a few more blogs and then write mine.  If I change that it would not be for the better.  I would rush both the kids and myself for starters.  And once I started that then I would start to get angry because I was “wasting time.”  That is not how I want or need to start my day.

I have set aside my Kings novel and picked up Voodoo in Haiti by Alfred Metraux and Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes Ph.D.  I have been watching a series on Amazon Prime called “I Wouldn’t Go There” with Robert Joe.  He’s not looking to find ghosts but he always starts his investigations from a ghost story that someone tells him.  What happens is he goes deeper into the story and uncovers fascinating history (and tragedy) and finds how the story began.  In many instances he has found history that has been “buried” and left out of even local tellings.

The series is primarily focused on the numerous Asian cultures in the East (Robert Joe himself is Korean).  He explores not only history but cultural beliefs and stories.  I love all the information that he uncovers by talking to survivors of the wars that he researches.  It’s not all paper and libraries.  He goes to monuments and ground zero for the ghost encounters.  But he talks to the survivors, not just soldiers but those who lived through some of the atrocities that happened.  You can see the pride, gratitude and relief on many of their faces as they are interviewed.  Someone from the younger generation cares what happened to them.  Someone wants to hear their truth.  To me that has always been important.  I have always enjoy nothing better than asking my old friends and family members (even strangers) about their past.  I love hearing their stories.  I don’t think those stories should be forgotten.

That is what got me reading the other two books.  I have many books on the history of Voodoo because I have always loved the history behind the religion as well as the strength of the practitioners.   They never waver in their belief no matter what.  They have no need to recruit believers (much like us Wiccans) because if you want to learn and decide to stay that is fine.  If you take a look see and it’s not for you that’s fine too.  Estes book I have fond memories with.  I remember when and how I got it.  It has always been a great source of strength for me.  The book is much battered from many readings and many miles of travel.  I feel it’s time to go back through and if not read the whole think read what stories pull me.

So that is my goal today.  That and get the letter written and sent in the mail that I told you about yesterday.  The kids are asleep.  The coffee needs refilling.  I will do a Mahjong puzzle then I think I will hunker down with one of the books, pen and paper and see what happens.  Have a great day!

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