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Evening Musings

I guess this will be a two post day.  I’m not sure why.  I just feel like writing.  Partly because of the weather.  The kids and I have been outside since I got home.  The house is mostly open to get the Spring breeze and push out the gloom.

It is nice to hear the birds singing and talking again.  And of course the peepers at night.  Nothing says Summer like hearing peepers after dark.  The grass in the backyard is green.  Well the grass that Stella hasn’t torn up chasing after a ball.  Our poor front yard on the other hand is flat and all but lifeless.  It wasn’t much to begin with but since everyone has been parking up front due to construction of the garage it has been doomed.  I may see if there is something I can do once the garage is completed.  Until then there is no point.

I do believe I have tired the kids out.  Everyone has been in my business off and on all day.  They will snooze right beside me but every little bit everyone comes for attention.  It takes them a while settle back in.  I’m just glad everyone is busy.  For a while they were very mopey which is more than understandable.  The sun and warmth are helping all of us.

I found a magazine to query about becoming a reviewer but there is no way to contact them other than snail mail.  So I guess that is what I will do.  I’ll even enclose a SASE for a response.  Worst they can say is no and I’ll be out two stamps.  I will work on that tomorrow.  I have my letter written so I’ll just have to put it in the computer and print up some of my clips to send with.

I am looking forward to going no where tomorrow.  I have no real plans.  I am worried about nothing.  It should hopefully be a day of relaxing for me.  60s and wet tomorrow.  At the very least cloudy.  If that is the case the temps will be much like today without the sunshine.  We may spend sometime outside then.  Rain won’t be until tomorrow afternoon so that gives us plenty of time.

I will leave you with some photos of the rapidly going greenery in our yard (backyard as the front still needs to be cleaned out).  Cheers!


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