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I’ve decided that I am not a big fan of the month of April this year.  So much bad has happened and the hits just keep on coming.  I took Dante and Stella in yesterday to the vet.  Stella got her rabies shot and Dante was supposed to get checked out for his “hot spot” that I knew wasn’t.  They can’t get a look at Dante’s wound because he hurts so much and his fur is long and thick so it was matting over the spot.  So we had to set up another emergency appointment/surgery for Monday morning so they could put him under to examine it.  Oh and when I got back from Mom’s that leg was atleast twice the .size from swelling.  So they sent us home with strong antibiotics and pain medicine/

Fast forward to this morning.  Dante seems a little better.  But he is constantly cleaning the wound.  This morning it a a huge open pit into his body.  He has cleaned it up enough they won’t have to do anything at the vets.  And it smells bad.  THEN I find a pile of poop in the living   room.  It has what looks like a ton of white rice or something in it.  Is this from Stella or Dante?  Stella looked guilty when I asked if it was hers but Dante might be having problems there too.  And if it IS Stella…  So I guess another visit for them both.  I have bagged the sample in a Ziploc bag.

I don’t know what the rest of the weekend will bring.  Atleast the sun will be out and almost 60F today and almost 70F tomorrow.  Then we can see what fresh hell Monday brings me.  I think I may dig a grave this weekend.  I cannot bare to see him like this.  It is too much like what Maggie had and went through.  I am just glad that it has only been this week (that I know of).  As much as he has cleaned it (and will continue to clean it) they shouldn’t have to know him out to examine it.  I will see what they say and then make my decision.  I will also ask them about Stella.  Since I will have to come back after work Monday to get him I will see if I bring Stella if they can figure out if it is her poop or not.

So please keep us in your good thoughts and prayers.  I am sorry this is a downer post (like so many of late) but this is sadly where my focus is.  Thanks for understanding.  I hope everyone has a great rest of your day.

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