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This is how I know I’m upset on a deep level.  All the electronics I use are going very wonky at the moment.  I had Tesla’s Love Song as my wake up song.  Some weird flattened bell noise is what went off with the alarm.  Things aren’t loading properly (if at all) on the laptop.  I was having trouble yesterday with my work tablet loading things.

And what could upset me on that level?  I might have to decide whether or not Dante will be with us this weekend.  He has gotten worse.  He won’t eat.  I did get him to eat a few treats last night (they were healthy) but that is all he has had for two days.  I am calling the vet after Mom’s surgery to see if they can get Dante in today.  Dante will drink water.  He paces a lot because he is in pain.  The hot spot is NOT a hot spot.  It seems to be some hard lump or mass that is weeping or maybe that’s just from him licking it.  It does seem to cause him pain and he limps more on that leg.

So this is going to be a bit of a solemn post.  I’ve not had much sleep because we had rain and storms off and on all night.  Most of them Dante slept through (he has never done that) except for the last one.  The last one I woke up surrounded by the three young ones and him stuck trying to get on the bed at the foot.  When we finally did get up this morning at 5am he was on the floor beside my side of the bed.

The fact that I have gone to sleep when it was dark and gotten up when it’s dark seems to heighten the feeling of no sleep.  This will be an interesting day.  Stella is on the couch tucking herself in under a bunch of blankets.  Essie and Moose and curled up behind me on the love seat and Dante is here at my feet under the table as I type.  Looking at the clock I’d better get going so I can be to Mom’s on time.  I hope everyone has a good day…


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