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Good and Bad but Happy

The good news is Stella is going in Friday afternoon for her appointment, I have times for Mom’s appointments Thursday and Friday mornings and LO!  they are going to be dropping stuff off Thursday morning to finish up the garage.  The temperature has also stayed in the 50s.  The bad news is Dante has a bad hot spot (I think something is actually wrong like he was bit or something but I cannot make it out in next to no lighting so I’m having Chris look when he gets up) and he is in pain.  He will be panting really hard from the pain.  He cannot get comfortable.  Whatever is wrong with where he is licking is causing him to limp more.  I don’t know what to do.  I will talk to the vet and if I can get him in early in the week then pay them Friday…

The article for the paper ended up being 4 handwritten pages.  I streamlined it a little but I was still long.  I was able to get hold of my magazine editor to ask about the two book reviews I’d written.  I was in a panic because she could not find them.  I sent them out before the year ask requested.  I’m mad at myself because I normally write out my first draft long hand then type it into the laptop.  For whatever reason it looks like I didn’t do that.  And for whatever reason I could not find any copies of them anywhere.  Not in Sent, Drafts, nothing.  After a few hours she emailed me back.  She had found them in her emails.  She wanted them sent as attachments.  So she sent them back and I had to save them and send them as an attachment.  It sounds simple but I’d never had to do that on this laptop before.  That only took maybe half n hour to figure out.  I think I got it right.  I hope.  I sent it back in a zip file containing both reviews.  I haven’t heard anything yet.

Dante is just watching me.  Not sleeping, just watching.  He wants me to fix what is wrong.  My poor dude.  I hope I can get him in.  Nuts.  I gotta get gone.  Cheers!

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