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Random Musings

I guess it was the phone cord that was faulty.  Is faulty.  I have gone through and only one of the numerous ones I have seems to charge my phone.  And no, It didn’t come with the phone.  All those don’t work.  But my aftermarket one that I use in the car DOES work so I have a fully charged phone again.

This week is turning out to be a busy week for me.  Not only am I busy all three days between one job and taking Mom to the doctors but I also volunteered to cover a meeting last night because the normal reporter was sick.  It lasted a bit later than normal so I am going to try to write the article at work and then get it typed into the laptop and sent out when I get home.

This laptop has gone weird.  I was typing and it completely quit and went to another site.  Then I tried to get back to this site and it went every where but here.  As I watch the screen the mouse seems to be moving on it’s own.  I noticed that when I was reading some of the blogs this morning I would click on one blog and it would take me to the blog at the bottom of the page.  I have no idea what is going on.  I’m just grateful that the site saves our work as we go!

I really would rather stay home today but I can’t.  On the plus side I should be able to come right home.  Barring any problems I should get out on time.  I hope Mom gets times soon for her appointments.  I need to set up a vet appointment for Stella for Friday.  She needs her 3 year rabies and then microchip.  Since she is rescued they are tracking her rabies so I have to have it done by a certain date of they can come and take her back.  Friday she will have been with us a year.

The snow was melted in the sun and wind yesterday.  So I don’t have to clean my car off.  It is still cold enough that I need to wear layers for being outside.  It will be nice to ditch the layers.  I don’t like all the bulk.

The kids are asleep and the clock tells me I need to get going to head out the door.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!


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