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Books and Stores and Bookstores

My reading glasses have been broken.  So I tried to go back to my old glasses.  They don’t even help anymore.  I think we have eye insurance now.  I need to find out Monday and see what is covered.  I get so frustrated trying to read the smaller print.  And that is what most of my books are is small print.  I am glad today is the last day of the week.

Chris and I did go out yesterday.  It was a good time.  The food at lunch was good.  For whatever reason neither of was satisfied with the experience.  Could be little things.  Our waiter was good but not enough.  Not what we are used to when we go there.  Could’ve been the freezing wind and overcast skies added to it.  We then headed to one of our book stores.  I am not a fan of our local BAM.  Not the least of which is because Borders used to be there (I grew up downstate and when I was a kid Dad took me to the original Borders… before they became huge.  We went almost every weekend.).  I started at the magazine racks and grabbed Poets and Writers.  Chris found me a nautical magazine that had the ship I celebrated my 21st birthday on.  The HMS Rose.  I guess they have renamed her the HMS Surprise.  Not too happy with that but she is not my ship… although I do have a cannon named after me.  Complete with bronze plaque thank you so much!

The HMS Rose in all her glory!

Once I got over my excitement at finding my old friend (and I literally do have the tee shirt too.  Once Chris gets up I will dig it out and take a picture) I drifted (pardon the pun) to the automotive racing section of the magazines.  No F1 magazines at all.  No motorcycle racing magazines either.  Had nascar (I use all lowercase because I REALLY don’t like them) magazines but nothing on other racing.  A voiced my irritation out loud and left the area.

They have an embarrassingly large amount of the bookstore dedicated to very NON bookstore things like tee shirts, vinyl toys, games (party type games in most cases).  It kinda annoys me but I can’t say anything because I got through the socks, tee shirts and mugs just like anyone else.  I found (oh JOY!  BLISS!) a refillable fountain pen that was relatively inexpensive.  I also found a lot of other things that I wanted to take home as well (the Cheshire Cat mug with original artwork and the cat disappears when you put hot liquid in, the Godzilla stuffed animal, journals, Edgar Poe stuff, H.P. Lovecraft stuff…) but I refrained.

I tried to find the section on writing (this is a bookstore right?).  It took me about 5 minutes.  I found the Reference section.  With the science and maths and… Wait.  What’s this?  Damn.  Only a dictionary.  But.. nope.  Only writing speeches.  But I must be close.  SAT testing.  Nope.  Too far.  Oh wait!  What is this?  Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott.  Ok!  We might have something!  One Year to the Writing Life by Susan M. Tiberghien.  A few more titles popped out amongst the non writing books.  You know what?  Out of maybe 15 or 20 titles the ones that interested me I already had.  There was one book that I pulled out but back because it reminded me of one I had.  So that was a bust.

We rounded out the trip with coffee.  Specifically turmeric chai latte.  Oh yum!  It was delicious!  The only mar on the moment was the fact that there was just the one gal (a gentleman came up to wait on us finally) and the people behind us (there are two people making drinks mind) got their drinks before we did.  Simplicity of the beverages ordered had nothing to do with it.  They switched who was making our drinks at one point then switched back.  Both of them were very nice and the drinks were very good.  BUT!

I came home with two magazines and a new fountain pen.   I am happy with my purchases but I also remember why I avoid going to BAM unless I have no choice.

Good grief!  This has turned into one of my longer posts!  Sorry about that!  Thank you for reading!  Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Books and Stores and Bookstores”

  1. What a day! Do you ever feel like “can’t just one thing go smoothly and seamlessly?” Maybe our expectations are too high. Maybe we pay too much attention to details? I don’t know. I DO know that I hate change and it’s coming fast and furiously. Berk commented (and that’s saying something) that one day one business has a building and the next day someone else has it. I’m pretty sure this is contributing to our national feelings of dissatisfaction and restlessness. We can’t count on anything remaining unchanged.
    When I was a kid, there were no new store openings but neither were there closings. Go to Ashland today and the only unchanged business is the presence of the drug store. The booths where we drank hot chocolate when school was let out early and we’d been sledding in the park.
    I never thought I’d be change-averse. I had always loved change – but now I’ve decided only the change I initiate. Sigh……… Betting change continues and doubt I’ll find it easier.

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    1. It’s not so much the change that we don’t like so much s there are so many and we don’t have any control over them. And the reasons for the change contribute to our unhappiness. Everything changes too much too fast. We don’t see or experience anything because everything is constantly changing.
      Everyone says “slow down” but if you are living in this world there is only “speed up” so it is very difficult to live in.


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